Monday, March 12, 2007

Insomnia, debt and wt gain blog

Ok, the bad news is I'm up a pound! This is officially the weight gain blog! I haven't really been on program. I am exercising so that is something I suppose. I'm trying to have a good week starting today and see what next week will bring.

I've been having insomnia for the last few months. A lot of this has to do with worry and the main worry is our increasing debt we have. So, after talking at length w/ my hubby about the amount of debt we've decided to consolidate it and get a home equity loan. This won't get the monkey off our backs but it will make one payment rather than several payments. We also talked of selling the house and this is a difficult topic. I was worrying about next fall as I have to go to college full time/days and about how to pay for it. It is hard once I became a stay at home mom and student. Seems we still lived as though I had income coming in like before. Maybe once this loan is finalized I will get some real rest and quit worrying all the time. I also will get some type of part time job at night, hopefully in April to bring in a little extra income. I really don't want to move at this point. I mean this was our first bigger house as we had a condo before and I don't want to give it up and go backwards. The hardest topics seem to be money, sex and child rearing!!

I think this issue with money has had a lot to do with me not being able to really be successful lately on the wt watchers healthy living plan. I'm hoping now that will change that we are finally taking some action on dealing with this problem. Anyone out there had issues with money? How did you deal with it?

I hope everyone is having a good week!


TrixieBelden said...

I'm so sorry you are having money problems. I feel your pain. Here's my story - I am single and I have financed grad school with loans and, increasingly, credit card debt. It is amazing how much debt I got myself into when I had zero when I started school! I'm trying not to worry about it now and just focus on getting a good job. I have budgeted how much I'll need to make once I graduate and I'm just hoping it all works out. I'm not letting myself get scared until June. Then I'll write to you crying! :) I'm thinking of also teach part-time once I get my masters to have some extra income. If you are going to go to school full-time, can you get a job on campus between classes? can you get a teaching assistant position that might help with the cost of tuition? is there an advisor at school you can talk to that might be able to help you out?

There are some good personal finance blogs out there that are interesting. I started looking at them when I was researching rolling over my 403(b) into an IRA (still haven't done it).

Here are some of my favorites (some give practical advice and others are just nice to read so you know someone else is going through tough times too! :)


Chris H said...

wow, trixiebelden has some really helpful advice....we all have various degrees of finacial woes through our lives.... I hope you can sort yours out and not stress so much! Stress can cause us to overeat too... I'm a good one at that.

Spider63 said...

It seems to be an amazing thing that most people live a few dollars over whatever they earn. It takes discipline to write a budget for your home and stick to it. No unscheduled expenses, no quick impulse buys, very few outside meals, very few movie nights, clubs, etc.

If you follow entertainment and sports, you know there is a long list of celebrities and past sports stars who literally earned millions of dollars and then ended up in poverty and/or in prison (and poor).

Spending money is a lot easier than earning it.

celtic_girl said...

Oh God, the bane of my existance. I'm a bloody accountant and am hopeless with my own money - good with everyones else's though.Debt consolidation is always a good idea though, just be certain not to go back to your old spending patterns.

Livy said...

Money. The root of all evil My marriage is always really bad when we are worrying about the finances. Try not to let it get on top of you.
I am 31, and am paying of my first 4WD with hubby.
We don't have a house, or land yet, and sometimes I wonder if we will ever be able to afford one with the interest rates on the rise like they are.
At least take comfort in the fact you are not alone. There are millions of people going through the exact same financial stress that you are.

christie said...

Hey hun.. I'm sorry you have had so much of this stress going on in your life lately. Sleepless nights are the worst. I know lately I've ben living it up, but I was dead broke on and off for years every since I moved out at 18. When I was engaged before I supported all the payments and bills for EVERYthing and it was quite stressful.... when I moved out to CO and had my back problems start up and ended up at my crappy job, I had monthly monetary obligations that were DOUBLE what my income was - and that's without accounting for food, that's just bills. So I have definitely been there and had the sleepless nights.
All I can say is do whatever you can, the best you can, and feel good about that. With some time, the hard times will pass. It sounds like you have a good plan.

I am probably up several pounds, having trouble getting to my head in the game also. But look at us, we are both hanging in here and we will make this work!!

Thanks for always checking in.
Much love.

San said...

hey Angel,

don't worry about money, it won't put more in the bank and although it's easy to say, you will get on top of things.

we are on a very tight budget as when we moved to Perth we both took pay cuts, admittedly mine was only about 5,000 where as hubby's was 35,000, so you can see why we are on a budget.

i got very used to have disposable income and just buying what i wanted when i wanted it so being on a budget is quite a novelty right now.

i get an allowance and that's it, if it's gone it's gone.

my trip was put on our credit card so we have debt too, we're in the midst of paying it off.

i would say fight tooth and nail to hang onto your house, it's only going to increase in value and let's be honest, there is nothing like having your own place!

good luck with it and don't stress, it doesn't help!

BigAssBelle said...

money, the root of most of life's misery. i feel for ya. i've definitely had money woes over the years. last bad time was when my husband got sick, had to quit working. while i was fighting with his company about his short-term disability (they said no, i said yes), he simply had to quit because he was dying.

he made more than i did as a social worker. we more than cut our income in half. we had been living very comfortably before. it was a nightmare. the loss of his income was awful, but then we had insane medical expenses, at one point over $1500+ a month for meds.

i couldn't sleep either, but boy could i eat. looking back, i wish i'd just attempted to maintain my weight through all that stress. nope, gotta jump on the diet bandwagon with my big flogging stick in hand. set myself up for failure every single day and ended up gaining over 80 pounds.

but back to money: started selling off our possessions (we are major antiques collectors), refinanced the house, paid off debt. when his disability finally came through (i WAS right ~ vindication), we were in much better shape than before.

still have credit card debt from that time but it's down from $30K to $8K. ended up developing a very successful business out of all that nightmare, so good things will sometimes come out of awful spots, not to be pollyanna.

hope you find a way here. we just recently took a look at our spending and i am embarrassed to say that by cutting meals out to one a week, avoiding buying sodas and snacks (his deal, not mine) at the QuikTrip, we are saving $800+ a month. that is shameful (that we spent that much $$ on crap).