Monday, March 19, 2007

The secret

No, don't have a big nasty secret to spill, I am refering to the book/dvd called The Secret. We just got it from my mother in law. Think I need to watch it again due to our 5 yr old wanting attention when we were trying to watch. But some of it says that you think positive thoughts to bring positive into your life. If you think negative thoughts or concentrating on the problems in your life then it will just compound and you will get more bad things in your life or you will just stay stagnant. Also, they talked of if you want something ask for it and visualize it every day. I mean, visualize yourself already having the object or achieving the goal and what you will feel like. Also, do a gratitute journal and a bunch of other stuff. I mean I like the dvd but I've heard this concept in many different ways before.

One way I've heard of the visualize it concept if from wt watchers and imagining yourself at goal. I've tried to do this and I have pics of when I was skinny so have an idea of what I would look like and feel like. I guess it helps some. The real challenge is to stay positive daily and think about the things you would like to come into your life. It can't hurt and I will give it a try!

My hubby like the idea of a visualization board. One fellow on the video put up a poster board of everything he would like to achieve. He cut out pictures of what he wanted and concentrated on this every day and achieved his goals. Maybe this will work but I felt he was concentrating just on material objects such as money, house, cars. I mean those are good goals but not all there is in life. Though it does seem money is important for us at this point. Not sure what my hubby will be wishing for. Don't think he will share at this point. My goal as I said before will to think positive and know that things will work out somehow.

I'm feeling a little better this week. We had a good sunny day in the 60's on Friday and I got out and walked for a long time and it's amazing what a little sunshine can do for me. My weight is staying the same and I haven't been doing weight watchers and I'm thinking of cancelling my monthly membership due to cutting back on spending. I don't know if I'll quit for good as I like the program and it works if you stick to it. I will try my own program for a while and see if I make some progress but it feels like I'm in a holding pattern right now.

Our vegas trip may be on hold as my Uncle (dad's brother) is in the hospital. My mom and dad are still in Palm Desert and they were planning on meeting us in Vegas but if my uncle takes a turn for the worse then my parent need to get back to Seattle. That may mean that my sisters and some friends will postpone. We'll see. It's scary as they thought a while back that he had a viral infection, now he has blood clots and in the hospital and the doctors mentioned that it could be lymphoma. Arrggh! Not the cancer! I hate it! We will see what the diagnosis is. He hasn't lived a healthy life in a long time and is real overweight and was a smoker and drinker in the past. I will think good thoughts about his prognosis and pray for him!!

I hope your week is going well for you bloggers out there!! Seems I'm dealing one bad thing after another. Oh yeah, I said I would think positive thoughts....


Chris H said...

I really must get that book! Sounds great. I thought about doing a "Things I want to Achieve Board too, but couldn't find a picture that depicted "I will not kill myself now" ! Material things are all well and good, but my motivation was to LIVE ... and enjoy my life again.... and when you are in the depths of depression it's hard to picture that. Thank God those days are gone forever. I hope your Uncle is getting better, does not sound too good.

Terri said...

Darn it!! Could someone have a bigger badder dirty secret then me!

I know it is bad to think of material things but I can't help but to think my life would change if I could move north of Dallas and leave Southwest forever. I would like to live where I feel safe to walk out my back door and not have some low down skank of a guy hassleing me or worry that some Pit bull is going to climb over the fence after my dog I walk with. It is sad how much this town I live in has changed. It was nothing like this 20 years ago.

I guess I am wanting my safe haven back that I had 20 years ago. I remember as a teenager I walked all over this town exploreing side walks, creek sides , and just simply walking to the store. You can't do that anymore with out getting heckled.

I know. stress stress stress

TrixieBelden said...

Wow, you are really going through a lot. I hope you get good news about your uncle.

I agree that thinking positive thoughts is better than thinking negative ones, but sometimes, I must admit that I have to just put my head down, put one foot in front of the other, and just work on surviving. Sometimes anything more than surviving is too much. I don't mean to be a downer, I'm just trying to say that you can give yourself a break and not try to do everything at once. If Weight Watchers has turned into more of of burden than a source of comfort then maybe it does make sense to cut back. I'm a firm believer of pairing back in times of crisis, whether that be financially, socially or professionally. I went through a serious depression a few years ago and all I could do was drag myself out of bed and go to work. It was a big accomplishment to get through the whole day. I wish you well and some relief from your stress.

Michelle 595 days said...

I’ve been looking for “The Secret...” all my life. I’ve read books, books and more books, bought motivational tapes, all of them are basically the same, what we think, we attract, I believe it’s true. My life reflects that. Although it’s not as bad as it was, I still find myself living my life like I don’t deserve any better. It is a struggle to stay positive. Reading books and listening to tapes have their place, but in the end I’ve discovered it really is all about doing something, following the diet, getting out and exercising or taking whatever action I need to take to get where I want. It starts with the thoughts and ends (or begins again) with the action. (Oh my...that sounds so good to me, but so freaking hard to do). I get stuck at the doing part, (must be my belief that I can’t or won’t).

I know I got fired because my bosses were the worst bosses someone could have, their lack of communication affected every aspect of their business and I often wondered how they could have possibly stayed in business so long, but on some level I know part of it was my attitude. The part of me that feels like I can’t do anything right is alive and well and somehow somewhere it gets communicated to others, combine that with a group of people who look down their noses at you, well just think bully, they zone in on weakness. If I had had another type of manager, a good one (hehehe), they might well have seen unlimited potential in me and worked to develop that.

(If you haven’t read Bolder in Boulder’s March 7th post “Who Knew” it’s a great post on the biology of positive thinking,

I understand the tightening up of the budget, but I’d highly recommend that you continue Weight Watchers if at all possible, especially now that you feel you’re in a “holding pattern”. Before I left my job in 2004, I had been going to WW meetings religiously, only missing one meeting (for a surgery) since starting in April 2002, since then I have been struggling with a 10 pound gain. I have been fortunate not to gain all of it back, as most people do, but the struggle with my ten pounds bothers me to no end. I know it’s easy to get discouraged and money is a real issue but you’ve lost 40.1 pounds! Weight Watchers really works and it isn’t just about reducing the amount of food, it is about support. I miss that support and I find it hard to get back to meetings where I don’t know a soul. (My WW meetings were at my work).

Blah, blah, apologies for being so long winded, this should have been a post.

Spider63 said...

Cool secret! Dr. Wayne Dyer has a similar message on some of the videos that PBS usually runs when they are campaigning for money! Think positive thoughts!!!!

Living to Feel Good said...

Hope your uncle ends up okay.

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel about ww and whether or not to cut it out to save the money. if you know you're stuff and have scales maybe try it for a month and see how you go. if you find not having the meeting, and accountability of the weekly weigh in is causing you to stray then go back.. it's only a month.

i hope that with the latest in medicine my sister won't have the probs your Mum has had. they may have got it right by now? :-)

stay positive, i like that attitude, let's all try and focus on the positive together! send each other positive waves.