Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not so good

Not feeling that great today as got some bad news. My uncle has lymphoma and it is in his pancreas. The doctor says 3-5 months to live. God, how do you take that information? Imagine it was you, what would you do? What could you do? He hasn't been feeling good for quite some time now that I think about it. He got his heart check out last year and they said a-ok. But, they didn't catch the cancer that was growing. My mom said they (his wife and kids) will have a meeting with the oncologist today to decide if they can do a agressive treatment or not. So waiting to hear if there are any options. I sure hope so but I know they will make their decision based on the odds of living. Would you want to try to live longer but feel like crap from chemo or radiation that may or may not help? Right now they are trying to get rid of blood clots and it's a wonder that he survived walking around with them is what they told him. It's not fair, he's in his 60's and lots of small grand children to see grow!

We will visit him Saturday and I'm trying to get my frustration and sadness out through exercise. I did a darn good run and workout yesterday and it does help some. I just want to keep it together for him and not cry and be what support I can to him! He is getting a lot of vistors from his hometown and from his past so I know that makes him feel good. He has his family around so I'm sure that is some comfort.

That's all I got today. Hope things are better in your neck of the woods.


Flo said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope everything works out for him and his family.

Those are hard decisions to have to face. My mom had cancer and after the first chemo said no more. She was in her 70's and that was her choice. I guess it's a really personal decision to fight or not.

Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope that he can make the most of whatever time he has, and fill it full of family and love. :)

And good for you for getting out and running!

Rebecca said...

I am sorry to hear about your uncle. Go to my blog and read the post I put up yesterday, from a woman with cancer. It really is worth the read.

I have an idea what you are feeling. My mom with breats cancer and 4 more rounds of chemo. I am trying to have a positive out look but it has been a difficult feat. LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYERS have really helped. I'll say one for him.

celtic_girl said...

Sorry to hear the news on your Uncle.I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Terri said...

Just horrible! It is horrible to lose a loved one. I don't think I will ever get over it for losing my mother. There is days I sometimes think god delt me the wrong set of cards.

Spider63 said...

One thing that I dislike about doctors is that when you go to get the routine physical, they rarely will do much beyond some blood tests and maybe an X-ray.

Then when something comes up, it is "Too bad we didn't catch it earlier."

Even if you have a mild symptom of something, getting a doctor to refer you to get an MRI or any kind of scan that costs the insurance company $$$ is not a slam dunk.

Many doctors work medicine strictly as a business. I say, if you have insurance, use it. Don't save the billionaires a few bucks at the expense of your health or life!!

Good luck to your uncle, hope the news gets better.

christie said...

Wow patty I am really sorry to hear this news. My prayers and good thoughts to your family and his!! That kind of news is always tough. All you can do is be there for him to talk to. I wish him all the best in his remaining time!

Wanna_B_slim said...

My thoughts are with you and your family.. be strong.. There is not alot you can do but be there for him and his family..

Chris H said...

This news is terrible for everyone involved.... whatever way they go it will be rough..... the only 'GOOD' thing about this situation is that his family and friends will have the chance to say "Goodbye" to him, and he can do all the things he needs/wants to do before he goes.... whatever they may be. I hope this helps a bit, I know what it is like to lose close family members tragically and totally unexpectedly, and I know what I would prefer (knowing in advance). It might not be as nice for the person who is going to go though? It's a hard one.

TrixieBelden said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle.

I really don't know what I'd do in the situation you are in, but if I was your uncle I would want to have the most fun 3 months ever. I would want to do and see and experience everything possible. I think it is great that you are trying to keep your sadness from him, but he must realize how everyone else feels around him. Not to minimize his feelings, but its like someone who has lost a lot of weight. Whether we want to admit it or not, our weight loss affects other people. They will change how they act around us and what they say, but they only have our best interests at heart. That is the same way you feel about your uncle. Now that you have heard about his situation you will undoubtedly act differently around him. The most important thing, no matter what you do, is to come from a place of love. That will carry through every word you say and thing you do around him. That is what I would want if I was in his shoes.