Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Weekend

Went out with my ladies group Friday night. We went to a persian restuarant and had chicken kabobs and rice. We hadn't been there before and it was pretty good. We then went to the University Improv and I was expecting just stand up comedy but it was actually a play about an Irish wake. It had some funny parts but usually we were just trying to understand what they were saying as they had strong accents are were pretending to have strong ones.

Saturday we went up to my sisters to exchange some bday presents and went to try out their new hot tub. It was nice and we also got a chance to watch 'The Departed'. Uggghhh. Lots of killing but thought the acting was pretty good. I like Matt Damon and Leo DiCaprio as well as Jack Nicholson. They are always good. I've always like Leo since I saw him in 'What's eating Gilbert Grape'. He is an awesome actor, especially in that film as he was young and played a handicapped boy. That film also has Johnny Depp who is always great too.

Today, me and my son are just hanging out and my hubby went on a long bike ride. He's in his triathalon trianing mode and couldn't stand taking another day off from exercise. It's been raining for like 2 days straight so we finally got a break today but there are puddles and lakes of standing water everywhere. Maybe we will go to Chuck E. Cheese later which is a kid's pizza and play place. I will need my patience today as that place is like a zoo on the weekends with lots of kids and bday parties.

My uncle got out of the hospital but will return shortly for some treatment, think chemo. I need to get all the details. I was going to see him yesterday but he got discharged. I'm going to call him here in a minute.

Just maintaining my weight this week and that's the best I can do right now! Hope everyone is doing well on their exercise and healthy eating.


Chris H said...

I suppose the best thing about those eat/play places we can take our kids is that all those kids ARE NOT OURS! hee hee And you can watch how awful some of them are and know that your's aint so bad afterall. Have a nice day anyway.

Wanna_B_slim said...

We have only one place here in town to take our kids where they can eat and play and thats called Kidz Paradise and the kids love it.. But the food is expensive and not healthy at all!
They have rebuilt now on the other side of town so hopefully better..
Now supposedly accomodating parents to be able to play too.. but means they charge you to go in as well as the kids!!
Hope you uncle is doing ok... I feel for him and his family, must be a terrible time.
Maintain is good. I cant wait til i get to stage where i just need to maintain! seems like so far away...