Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Need to recommit!

No, not to the mental ward, (though some days I feel I need it, ha ha). I need to recommit to exercise and eating healthy! I will do at least 4 days of exercise this week, Tuesday-Friday. Today, I will do an hour of cardio plus weights. I will eat healthy, just for today. And then the next day and then the next. Back to baby steps for me. This will be a challenging weekend to going to Vegas on Saturday but I will do my best. I think the hotel has a workout center and I will utilize it!!

The bad news is that my friend, Dawn, is having chemo on Friday so she will be not be feeling well while I am there. If she is up to it, I will come out to her house near vegas and just talk. She sounds like she needs it and so do it. I miss her a lot.

I am looking forward to pulling the handle on the slots! Oh yeah, now you just push a button. This year, I will also play craps, the dice/table game as my mom's friend wants me to play the game with her. My mom is good at it so we will all play and see how it goes. Mostly, I like going to shows though we don't have one planned this year. Maybe we will take in a comedy show. I wouldn't mind seeing Prince but I hear he is $150. Yikes. We have seen some great shows such as Danny Gans, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Elton John, blue man group, and some other acrobatic shows. I haven't seen the O show though the other ladies have and I wish we could go to that. I look forward to just hanging with the ladies and looks like it might be in the 80's so always like going to the pool and just spending some time not doing much. Can you tell I'm excited! It's always nice to get away and especially just with the ladies.

I have, regretfully, cancelled by membership with weight watchers. I need to cut back on some expenses and I really haven't been doing wt watchers for some time and why keep paying the monthly membership. The program does work but you have to be in the right frame of mind as I was last year. I get tired of counting points and truth be told even when i was losing at a steady rate, I did my own version of points. Either ate what I usually did in the points range or just winged it but knowing I was eating low cal. I really hate writing down every fricken thing I eat and the points. I will miss the meetings and the leader. It was nice to get support there and listen to the emotional side of why we eat, even when we aren't really hungry. But, I'm sure I've heard all the speeches as I went for 9 months not including other years in the past. I've got mixed emotions on not going anymore. I will keep my option open to going back as it did seem to help keep me accountable and wanting to see a lower number on the scale each week. They do have the core system where you eat just certain heathy foods with not counting points. I am maintaining at this point and am happy with that at the moment but really want to continue on this weight loss journey just need to figure out how I will do it!! The eternal problem.

I want to do a shout out to Amanda at 'What about your hips'! If you are reading Amanda, I hope you are well and will post again soon. We (bloggers) can help if you are going through a difficult time. I blog through it all, bad and good! We miss you!!!!

Hope everyone is having a awesome week!!!


Chris H said...

I too miss Amanda "What about your hips"... hope she is ok. I am also very tempted to stop going to WW, I find I stress out towards the end of the week worrying about weighing in... so eat more! I have been going for 3.6 years and have heard ALL the speil over and over again, and it isn't working for me anymore... like you, I am sick of points etc. I know what I have to do to lose weight...pull finger!

Kim said...

I hope that you have a great time while you are in Vegas! I've only been there once, but it was pretty cool to see all of the sights. :)

I know how you feel about needed to recommit. BELIVEVE ME!!! The good news is that you CAN do it. You CAN come back from a gain. If I did it, you can too!

Enjoy your time away with your friends. Relax, enjoy the sun and the fun, and be ready to start fresh when you come back home. :)

digitalGoobie said...

I hear you on trying to get back on track and I think you're right - it's best not to look to far ahead and just try to make it through each single day by being as healthy and active during that day as possible.

Sorry you had to quit your meetings, I've actually never attended (Unless you count those few times like 10+ yrs ago which I don't even remember) but I was thinking of going.. it sounds like you really enjoyed them...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog, somehow, through a friend's WL blog...so...I hope I can lurk on yours as well! I live in WA state too and am on that never-ending journey of losing weight (fun, isn't it?) Naaa.......

Anyway, nice to meet you!

Christine L, Kitsap CO.

christie said...

Hey hun thanks for the comment :)
Yes it's just a vacation Ian is going on. He and his friend Mike have had it planned for more than a year as they had intended to go last spring but it didn't work out. I'm excited for him to experience this but I am going to miss him!! At least I am consoling myself with the fact that I get to have my own international adventure pretty soon!

TrixieBelden said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Dawn. I'm sure she'd love a visit from you :)

I think you are right to stop doing WW if you aren't in that frame of mind. There's no reason to pay all that money and feel guilty for not counting points if it isn't resonating with you. you should only do the things that you feel empower you.

Have a fabulous time in Vegas. I LOVE slot machines, but I'm more of a push the button than a pull the handle kind of girl. I also like the new ones - be on the look out for "Goldfish", "Pay Dirt", "Brazilian Beauty", and "Monopoly"! Say hi to Celine and Prince for me if you see them on the strip :) hee hee hee