Monday, September 10, 2007

Nice weekend in Oregon

We had a nice weekend in Oregon. We went to Cascade Locks as my husband was doing a triathalon called 'Escape from the Gorge'. Here's a picture of him and my son yesterday when we were on our way home. We stopped at Mulnomah Falls a few miles away from where we stayed. It was very pretty there. The triathlon went well but there was strong wind through the Columbia River (gorge) channel and there were some good sized waves. They shortened the swim portion of the race. My hubby said they had to rescue 7 people out of the water and someone said they had to do rescue breathing on one person. Scary. My son and I just hung around the playground and race area as you really can't watch the bike and run portions so I just took pictures when he came back to get his bike or to go out running. My pics didn't turn out that well but here's one of him running and one of him at the end of the bike portion going to the transition area to start running.

I'm pround of him for doing all his races and like that he enjoys it so much. It's hard to find a hobby you can really enjoy. One of the reasons he did this race was to attempt to place in the top 2 in his age group to qualify to the Escape for Alcatraz held in June next year in San Francisco. He didn't place in the top as there were a lot of guys in his age group. I told him, 'hey there are alot of guys going through a mid life crisis too'. I was just joking but there seemed to be a lot of men in the plus 40 group. It was his lucky day though as they had a lottery at the end where they draw 8 people's name for an extra chance to go to the Alcatraz race and my hubby got picked. He was so happy it was nice to see. I say 'why do you want to do that race so bad?' and he says something like 'because I can' or 'because not many people get the chance to do it'. I say ok, if you want to battle the freezing cold temperatures of San Francisco bay and battle the sharks, (ha, just kidding)! I hope I will be able to go next year with him but have a feeling it will be right around finals time at my college.

We also had a chance to go over to the town of Hood River, OR. I wanted to get a picture of all the wind surfers but not many out on Saturday. Here's a pic of the town from a far and the marina.

Here's another waterfall those waterfalls. We did see some windsurfers on Sunday at this place called Rooster Rock. There were also a lot of Kite boarders (I think it's called). It's where you have this big kite and you take it in the water and you ride this type of board that looks like a wake board for water skiiing. Some of these guys caught the high winds just right and were flying out of the water. It looks awesome but also looks hard. Maybe I can try it someday? Who knows.

In other news, I didn't eat particularly well this weekend as we were eating out a lot. Oh well, forgive myself and move on. After my last 2 weeks of losing quite a bit I'm predicting that my Weds. weigh in won't be a loss. Oh well. What is it '2 steps forward and 1 step back'. Or is it '1 step forward and 2 steps back'.

I start my first college class tomorrow. It is a 4 day class having to do with cpr and other health topics. Then I have next week off and the real radiology classes start on 9/24. So, I'm looking forward to that and also to my mom coming down tonight for a few days. She wanted to help take Chase to school while I'm at school just for the week so that was very nice. We will go to that concert tonight, Doherty, and then later in the week take my son to the fair to do some rides. Now I just have to stay away from those elephant ears! yikes. Anyone else have a weakness for these doughy, cinnamon-sugary dessert?

I hope everyone has a great week.


Chris H said...

Some gorgeous pictures there, glad his nibs had a good race and got into the Alcatraz one too. Good luck for a healthy week with food.

"the captain" said...

Thanks for the post. Good to see that your husband is in such good shape. A great role model!!! I just wish I could look like him. I bet he can run really fast. His BMI is really good.
If you see any rogues strolling around on your site, send them a text message and report them to me. I will notify Robin of intruders in batcave whereabouts. Lord Mongo will be sorry they are dealing with Jeff. Kingsburg is a good town and I will protect it from CabinTroll, HardDrive, and Monitor. Robin will also help.

Good Luck this week. Challenge the weight loss monster. Don't let it beat you.

Words to live by:
Follow your goals and there will be rewards of different things which will give the illusion of the things which the goals originally help achieve.

Kingsburg Rhodes

Spidey said...

Wow. Those fake Captain Jeff messages are a hoot. I feel sorry for the guy who is posting them. He seems very creative and funny sometimes. He should work on his own blog and come out of the closet.

Your trip and the triathlon and the story was very fun to read, I imagine it was much more fun to be there, good for you!!

Christie said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!!!! Goo job for your hubby.

To respond to your comment, my friend isn't taking any part in buying the house, her boyfriend is buying it completely alone and she would just be living with him. He has a lot more money and definitely spoils her. Yes it's hard for me to see her get all these nice things, new laptop, new puppy, new house... but his money is his money so I guess there's not much I can say about that. Right?

Have a great week :)

Spidey said...

You are the Weekly Weight Loss Winner!! The Ten Million Dollar Check is in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I think all those Captain Jeff messages are funny, too. Spidey, don't put someone down for having a creative imagination. Let him live in his world if he wants. He posted on my blog about 2 months ago and seems like a really nice guy who enjoys creativity and superheroes. SO DON"T KNOCK IT. Go live in your weight loss winner's circle and and try to understand how many people might think that that is such a "HOOT".


Meow Meow said...

Thanks for sharing all of the lovely pics.

At least hubby has something he really enjoys and is able to be active in it.

I wish I had that opportunity...Photography is something I really I should spend $$$$$ for a really good camera...I keep saying one day , as I keep buying other things ...always something you know?

Don't be so hard on yourself about the eating out.

celtic_girl said...

Sorry I haven't visited for a while. First let me give you my condolences for Dawn, she is at peace now and out of her pain, you were a great friend to her and I'm sure you gave her a lot of comfort towards the end.

A big congratulations for your wgt loss over the past 2 weeks, you have done an awesome job especially during a very stressful time, I would of eaten anything that moved if it were me. lol