Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some pics to share of vegas

Here's some pics of the room I had in vegas. They didn't come out too well but it was like neon pink and white vinyl along with stripes on the wall. They had those big lights bulbs like you have in you standard bathroom and they were bright cause they were right above the bed! I didn't like that....I wanted my room dimmer and more relaxing. But, I did like the plasma tv and the mirror in the bathroom w/ a tv built into it. Also had the glass shower and cd/dvd player and ipod hookup. It was kinda weird how at night if you had the bathroom light on it kind of gave off a neon pink glow.

I didn't take any other pictures of my friend Dawn. She wasn't at her best and we have so many pics of us having happy times as I have been taking them from the last 2 years or so. I called down there to talk to her hubby and see how things Dawn is doing and it is getting bad which I knew it would. Her MIL called me later and told me to speak into the phone and she would put in at Dawn's ear as she said even though she sleeps a lot she can hear. So I did and told her how I felt about her and things and then the MIL says she is reaching for the phone. I don't know but it felt strange. Dawn's sister was coming down to see her again and help out and they are deciding if they can keep up the home care or if she will go to a hospice place to die. I thought the plan was to die at home but I think it's another story when they have to be the caregivers 24/7 and I can't imagine all they have to go through when someone is at the end. Anyway, of course this is weighing heavily on my mind and how can it not. I wish I lived closer. At least I had a lot of time to say goodbye and tell her how much she means to me.

In other news, I was eating too much at the cabin on Satuday and Sunday and all Sunday night my stomach felt weird. So woke up on Monday morning with the tummy flu and I have been living in the bathroom for the past 2 days. The scale is going down rapidly but how can it not from not being able to eat much at all. All I could get down was a banana and piece of toast. So, feeling weak and having trouble getting all the things done I need to do. My son is starting school, he wants me to play with him, I have errands to do but what can you do if you can't get far? Arrgghhh. Hope it is over soon!!

I'll weigh in tomorrow and let you know the result. Could be a bunch of wt loss to due to water loss but I'll take it! I really would not like to lose it this way and I'll see if I can keep it off when the appetite comes back.

We had a pretty good weekend at the cabin though the weather was only about 70-75 degrees. We have had a cool summer compared to past summers. Here is a pic of my boy playing in the water. He's part fish I think as he spent a lot of time in the water and even tried being pulled behind the boat on a board and inner tube.

Hope you all are having a good week and I'll try to get to the blogs but not getting to very many this week!


Meow Meow said...

I really enjoyed the headboard. It looked like it was in plastic wrap?? Easy to maintain perhaps?

The wall paper was a bit much for me. I did enjoy the TV though.

You should post a pic or two of Dawn with a fond memory to share with us.

Anonymous said...

i like the look of you room, pretty cool

not good news about Dawn, prayers for you and all her family/friends.
as hard as it is, this is when we have to let go.

hope you're feeling better soon

B said...

That room is very very cool! I wanna go there now.

( . )( . ) said...

Oh my those photos look awesome. I have never seen anything like it. A TV in a bathroom mirror, what will they think of next!! I feel sooooo behind the times!!


Spidey said...

I can imagine how you feel. Put your faith in your higher power and your love with your family. I imagine that they are supportive, but the pace of life is so fast that it is difficult to slow down for grief and compassion.