Friday, September 07, 2007

Walmart sucks

Feel like ranting today. I dropped my son off at school and went over the local Walmart in my town. I usually don't go to this one as it sucks. It was early and only bought 2 things, as teacher said he needs an umbrella. First of all, if you are a true washintonian then you rarely use an umbrella. You make due and you use a hood or whatever. Anyway, I get in line and I'm behind this guy who is just buying white t-shirts and jeans. He actually has a pair on and the lady has to zap the tag right off his body. I'm thinking, "what pants did he wear in here?". Then I notice he had on the new t-shirt too. Did he come in here in his underwear?

Then he tries to run the card on credit. Then he says "no, I need cash so run as a debit". They tried to run in like 10 times and no go. So finally he says "ok, run it as credit". Then that doesn't work as it says he needs a new card or needs to see customer service agent. So about 15 minutes of this and only one other line open way across the store. So, since I can't get past this guy I go to the other line. Then it's some lady that can't find the bar code on her stuff and then it's a debate with her daughter about if they can afford all the stuff. I finally get through the line and it's only 9am! Walmart sucks big time. I don't mean to rude but sometimes I get so tired of the dumb, white trash, poor people in my area that couldn't move fast if a rhino was behind them. Ok.....I'm calming down now and don't mean to offend anyone. I am not going into that store again....the one in a diff. city is so much better. Maybe I need to move out of this town but doesn't look like that's going to happen soon.

I find myself crying a lot about my friends passing. Why can't I move on and quit dwelling on it? I know why, cause she was so close to me, to my heart. I want to pick up the phone and call her but I know she is no longer there. I invested so much of myself in that friendship and I knew it would really hurt when I lost her. I'm kind of feeling that my big challenge next week of going back to college is going to be a really hard time for me. Maybe it's the timing or what. I need to focus on school and give it all I got because I hear this first quarter of radiology is really hard. I also have worked very hard to get into this school and can't blow it now. I need to focus and find the time to do homework I will be burning both ends of the candle. Lord, give me the strength to do this and be sane around my family. My boy and husband need so much of me too. I can do this, I am strong, well, somewhere in here.

On the diet front, after I started eating more food my wt jumped up a little. I guess I expected it too with all the water wt lost. I will combat it by going to the gym today and trying to have healthy weekend of eating. The bright spot is that we are going down to Oregon tomorrow for my husband's race and I'll get to visit that cute town of Hood River. I really liked it when I visited it before. Then, on Monday, the local big fair is happening (for a few weeks) and my mom is coming into town and wants me to go to the concert, Chris Doherty. You know, the rocker guy that was on American Idol. I didn't watch idol that much but I've heard his songs on the radio so I think that will be fun.

Friends have been calling a lot to offer me support. I haven't talked to hardly any of them at all. Maybe I want to mourn in peace? Maybe they don't understand the relationship that I had with her as they didn't know her well. I've talked to one friend that was best friends with Dawn when we were in high school and beyond. She is having a hard time too. I'm also having a hard time that I can't go to the funeral on Monday. I have too many committments and the airfare is sky high at $479. I chose to go down and see Dawn when she was alive so I'm happy about that. I just wish I could be there for her family. I know Dawn knows that I love her and that is what was most important. So, we will send flowers and cards and hope that helps a little.

Well, sorry this was kind of downer post but that's how I feel today. I hope brighter days are ahead for me. I am feeling better but not quite over my tummy flu thing. And, I hope you all will have a safe and healthy weekend. Oh, and here is an article about emotional eating, something that I've struggled with in the past. It's good to read about ways to combat it when it rears it's ugly head. ha.


Spidey said...

I did a whole post about the jerkballs that go to Wal-Mart. Sadly, we are part of the same crowd, whether we want to or not.

BTW, trust me on this, the upper middle class and the wealthy are much bigger a-holes in general, and they will go slow because it is part of their attitude, and they ask each other just as many stupid questions and they will debate the price of a bra even if they rode in on a limo.

There is just a general lack of courtesy, manners, civility, and basic human decency all across the board and it transcends every ethnic group, social class, religion, etc. Well, add my rant to yours.

If anyone thinks we are picking on someone, well we are. The dumb mofo who goes into Wal-Mart with no working credit card, no money, no underwear, green teeth and dirty feet.

Christine said...

I try to avoid Walmart, but did have to go there last night to by hubby's vitamins. He gets sick from all other vitamins except some expensive natural dye free ones - and of course Walmart is the only place I can find them. There are tons of folks waiting in line - and 2 checkouts open. Whats up with that? That big ol' yellow happy face smiling at you everywhere - I wanted to scream.

Sorry to hear that you are having such tough times right now. So happy that you got to spend time with your friend before she passed - thats very special time and you will always have that.

Gosh - who can pull $500 out of their pocket for a ticket? Sometimes I feel that its so unfair that the prices are that high. And yet you could check prices a month from now and it would be half.

Although my score for the month of September is 5-1 for yesterday (to the good) I certainly haven't been losing any weight. Life sometimes takes over. You take care of yourself, take the time you need to grieve.

pastgirl said...

Just give yourself time to grieve in whatever way you need. You were a wonderful friend to Dawn.

"the captain" said...

I used to get all of my supplies from Wal-Mart. Boots, pencils, grease, and water filters. One time I bought charcoal from there, but the bag was torn and it spilled in my car. I don't shop there anymore because they don't sell the protein bars that I like. Sometimes they have toothpaste really cheap, but usually use a real strong mouthwash. Hope things are going better for you.

Words to live by:
Denial in ones life will transform the pschological references into ideas which can rarely be determined by any person.

Anonymous said...
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Chris H said...

You are right! 'morning tea' here is usually a coffee.. I have Vanilla Latte! Yum yum!

Marshmallow said...

It's understandable that you're having a difficult time - just appreciate that it is difficult and take care of yourself. Going back to college will be tough

Just like pastgirl said, you were a wonderful friend to Dawn.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Patty.. there will always be part of you that will hurt for Dawn. You will possibly never get over the fact you cant call her and tell her something funny/ sad/ exciting or such.. But.. you can still "talk" to her...Through your thoughts.. Take care ..Thinking of you and your loss..

( . )( . ) said...

I am soooo glad I dont have a Walmart where I am!! Sounds like I would be driven mad by these people!!