Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not feeling on top of my game

For some reason I'm not feeling on top of my game. I feel lax, I feel unmotivated. It could have to do with my hubby and son are sick with colds so need some extra care. It could be that my uncle who has cancer took a turn for the worse and is in the hospital. He prob. doesn't have long to live. With his illness being so close to losing my friend to cancer, I just can't deal very well.

So, it is one day at a time. The stress of going back to school was difficult. I mean not in going to school but managing all my other duties. Taking care of my son and taking care of my health. I hardly worked out but I did have company so it was hard to get away. I did get in some walking but that was about it.

I vow to do better this week! I will workout tomorrow at the gym and try to do some walking today. I will do better on my eating and try to watch my portions more. Ok, that's my short pep talk to myself. I feel like as I close in on 200 that I loose my focus or maybe it's just all the changes going on in my life. I find my motivation lacking and that hasn't happened for quite a while. It scares me a little as I don't want to slide back and not recover.

Anyway, yesterday as my hubby was feeling real ill and needing to rest my son and I went out to do putt putt golf. My son loves it! We got a ribbon for doing it but he really wants that trophy that they give out but you have to get a hole in one on the last hole and of course it's almost impossible as you have to hit up this ramp and get it in the tiny hole. After that we went to play video games and games where you get tickets and trade them in for prizes. He went in this huge ball pit area. Usually I don't like these things as they seem so dirty. They prob. don't even clean them as it would be too hard to do. But he was begging and this ball pit is like the size of a swimming pool so kinda cool.

We may go to the local fair again tomorrow as I like to see all the animals and all the exhibits. Last time we just took him on rides and to see Patrick from the sponge bob show. The photo turned out a little blurry though but he was excited and liked the picture. Now, of course, he wants to go back when Sponge bob is there.

Other than that this week I need to get the rest of my shots done for the future hospital work and get my car fixed it is making some awful sounds in the front wheel and of course start study my radiology as I have reading assignments already!

I hope everyone is doing well this week and getting in some exercise and I will too.


Kim said...

Ugh - I know just the feeling of "blah" that you are talking about. I've got them too. I'm sure that once a new routine is in place things will start to get better. I hope that everyone in your house feels better soon, and that you don't come down with their cold!!!

Good luck with schoool!!!!

Marshmallow said...

Oh Patty, you've really been through the mill of late, haven't you? First with Dawn, now with your boys and upon hearing about your Uncle, never mind school, I think that weight loss should be the last thing on your mind. Perhaps even take a hiatus from it - not from the healthy eating and the exercise, but from the weight loss; from the pressure of trying to hit onderland and so on and so forth. With that much on your plate, you deserve a break!

celtic_girl said...

I know what it feels like, just try focus on the important things at the moment, you have gone through alot over the past few months. I find thinking about all the things I am grateful for helps me get through times like these.
Take care and look after yourself.

Chris H said...

I have the 'blahs' too, part life of course.... try to have a better week chick, thinking of you.

Christine said...

When I was closing in on 200 I felt the same way. I fought hard to get out of that slump. I know what you are talking about though. Hope everyone is feeling better real soon! Take care of yourself.

B said...

Seems like everyone is blah lately. Keep your chin up honey and remember to look after yourself as well as your husband and son.
Hope your week is better.

TrixieBelden said...

I agree with Marshmallow, you need/deserve a break. Is there anyone you can have watch the kids for you so you can have some quiet time? Is there anything you are longing to do that you haven't done in a while? See if you can carve out some time for yourself to give you the chance to reinvigorate yourself. It's kinda like weight training. You don't want to work the same group of muscles two days in a row. They need down time, and so do you! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Patty,

i've only just got access again, i'm so sorry to hear about Dawn passing. i know you have probably heard it all but please know i'm thinking of you.

as for your weight, don't stress about it, just stick with what you know works and keep up the great job you're already doing!

chin up sweets, this too shall pass!

Tully said...

Sounds like you need some time out to relax. You have been so busy looking after/worrying about everyone else it is inevitable you would get run down.

I hope you're feeling better. :-)

Take care.