Sunday, September 23, 2007

The weekend

Went to a play yesterday called 'Lone Star Love' starring Randy Quaid. It was funny but hokey. It is a new play and will eventually end up on broadway they say. I thought he was good in the goofy, womanizing role but I guess he didn't get great reviews. I thought he was funny and like him in his movie roles too. I remember having a little crush on his younger brother, Dennis Quaid way back when he was married to Meg Ryan. He seemed so funny. After the play, we then went out to dinner at a british pub/restaurant (think it was called Elephant and Castle) though I didn't try the English food. About as English as my family gets is fish n' chips. Ha, ha! I couldn't get anyone to try the shepherd's pie and my mom wanted me to try bangers n' mash. The only one who venture to try something different was my sister Denise who had some kind of meat pie thing.

Today was spent cleaning up the house and to the store to get ready for the busy week ahead with my school and getting everyone organized as we will need to get up real early on Mon/wed/fridays. I will get up at 5am. It will take some getting used to but on Tuesdays I will have off school, thank god, to study and Thursday is a little lighter schedule. We are in the bedtime battles tonight trying to get my son to sleep earlier as he will need to go to day care for 2 hours on the busy days before school. It will be an adjustment and we may have a cranky and tired kid for a few days but we'll adjust sooner or later.

I did get my blood work done and my xray so I'm waiting for the results. I will do the stress test in early October. I was having a lot of pressure and radiating arm pain all week. I almost starting freaking and thinking 'should I go to the ER?' But, I chose not to and was glad as yesterday it didn't seem as bad. I'm trying to use mind over matter and see if this is stress related or what. I do have some of the signs of high blood pressure I think and will keep an eye on that. My mother takes meds for high blood pressure since her 40's and it can't be controlled by diet or exercise as she is just a little thing so it could be me who gets the curse. But, it's ironic if I do get this condition as I feel I'm healthier than I have been in years as far as I dropped 40 pounds and exercised like crazy this year. But who knows what my body is up to?

So, for my bad week I didn't get much exercise in as I was in pain and my eating hasn't been great. Kind of mad at myself but what ya gonna do? Tomorrow is a new day and I'm off the diet wagon for now. I will try to get in a walk and a good workout on Tuesday if I feel good.

I'm hoping to see some friends for a walk on Wednesday night but it's getting harder to travel and meet them with my school demands now. I travel about an hour to see them and have to figure out how to coordinate with my hubby after work and it feels like a hassle during the school week and now with me up early. But, I like to see my friends as they make me feel good and a it's good to connect with them so I will keep trying to see them.

My hubby is busy selling stuff on Ebay so I gotta give up the computer. We did get another computer (a laptop) and a wireless router that was a hand-me-down so maybe we can both be surfing here soon when I figure it all out.

Hope you are all doing well this week and thanks for kind comments. I'm not posting as much but I'm trying for at least 2 per week.


"The Captain" said...

Randy is best known for comedy , but he is also fantastic in drama. I remember him playing LBJ. Wow!!!\

Tully said...

Glad to hear you sounding a bit better. But please don't be afraid to go the ER if you think you need to.

Take care. :-)

Christine said...

Glad to hear from you. SOunds like you are getting in all the appts that you need - glad you are top of it. We're thinking of you - take care.

Spidey said...

I have never warmed up to Randy Quaid. He looks too goofy for serious roles.

Glad that you enjoyed it, as plays are often a lot more interesting and intimate and you see a lot more of the characters than what you see in movies.

Living to Feel Good said...

I'm a Randy fan...he can be funny! Your play sounds fun (I love going to them especially in NY), but what a bummer he is getting bad reviews. As long as you enjoyed it right? :)

Meow Meow said...

I have high blood pressure and it can suck! I take 3 pills a day for it. If I would manage to get 60 or 80 poounds off I know it would help.
I hope you are felling better, at least a bit by now.
I hope the Hubby made a TON of money on ebay too!

Anne said...

I also have high blood pressure, lowering my weight resulted in one medication being stopped and the other quartered!! Tried to get right of it but it didn't happen, then despite lowered weight BP crept back up a little, so now on half original dosage. The ironic thing is the medication can cause weight gain:-(

Take care:-)