Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ever have one of those days?

That's what's been wrong on certain weeks! I've been weighing myself all wrong! Well, have you ever had one of those days? It's started out good, we fiddled around at home, it was a no school day so took my son to the gym. I worked out for an hour and promised him we would go swimming after. So, we swam and I knew it was getting late as I was supposed to go to meet his Dad after work to drop off my son as I was going to meet my ladies group for a lesson on salsa dancing in Seattle. It's about hour or hour 1/2 to Seattle from where I live. First, I was running late after I figured out what to wear for salsa. Then, it was raining cats and dogs for like 24 hours and traffic was horrendous. So, we missed meeting my husband at the train station and so drove around for like 1 1/2 hrs and then had to backtrack to meet him on the other end of the train. We stopped to go to the bathroom and while I was trying to hurry, I bonked my food good on a door stopper attached to the door and bruised my foot real good. By that time I was crying from the pain and picked up my hubby and just said Fu*k it! I wasn't meant to go to Seattle tonight and just went out to dinner w/ the family. Some days, I would like to just stay under the covers but I know can't. And I'm bummed that I missed the salsa lesson and dance and girls night out! Oh well, mama said we would have days like these...Now, off to do my all day take home test. At least it's a takehome but it's darn hard and going to take me all day and night. And sick w/ a major cold! Ok, miss negative, let's find some postive from these experiences. Hope everyone is having a better weekend than me!

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