Monday, November 13, 2006

very slight loss this week

Well, I was a little disappointed that my weight only changed -.2 this week. I didn't journal all my points food every day though I'm pretty sure I was still in my points range as I only ate a little more on one day. I did increase my weight workout and had sore muscles over the weekend so I could be gaining some slight muscle mass. I looked back over my excel weight track that I have made and for the past couple of months, I would have 3 weeks of loss and then no loss or slight gain/loss (usually a week before time of month). So could be bloating and just the way my weight loss is going to happen. It's funny though, when I got on the scale at home today and could tell I was about the same if not more (I was down a few a few days ago), I thought, we should just go out to breakfast and have anything I want. Then, I thought, no!! That wouldn't be progress. It's these little baby steps and eating right and going to gym, it will pay off, it has paid off and there is no throwing in the towel this time! I will get to my goal in due time and to onderland in December probably as the holidays will be tough as I will be out of town and out of my element. Gotta run off to night school. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Spider63 said...

Just keep on working on your program. It will work, sooner or later. Don't let the lack of progress disappoint you, as that will lead to deviating from the right path and then gaining weight.

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Angel :)

I agree with that hunk spider63.