Tuesday, November 28, 2006

weight related articles and finally the picture is up and SNOW!

Wow, finally got this picture to work. It wouldn't work when I tried to edit the other post. Strange. This is Ron (hubby) and Chase last summer after a 200+ mile bike ride. He has done a few triathalons too and now the 1/2 marathon. I'm proud of him and likes that he's found a hobby he enjoys. Though, it does take a lot of time to train!

We got quite a bit of snow, which is unusual for our area. We had no school and swimming so we went sledding and tried to build a snowman. It seems the roads are better so we will venture out as I'm getting bored.

Here is a link to a few weight loss related articles. One from Pamela Peeke about stress can cause tummy fat http://health.discovery.com/centers/womens/weight_loss/ten_tips.html and the other about how ridiculing fat people doesn't help http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/01/AR2006110102969.html?referrer=email. It makes me sad when I hear stories of people being made fun of just because of weight but I've had my own issues with this too. I hope everyone is having a good week out there!


Living to Feel Good said...

WOoHOoOOO on the loss!! That is a great loss!! You have a very nice looking family!! Your son is a cutie! :D

Kimberly said...

Plus, what a great, healthy hobby for him to have! He can be a good role model to your son - and you.

The second article you linked is great. I couldn't agree more that it doesn't help to ridicule overweight people. I used to think that if I heard enough people say horrible mean things about my size, I would finally get motivated enough to lose weight. But of course that never happened, it only made me want to eat more comfort food. And at a time when I struggled with my weight so desperately, I remember my fit brother ridiculing my un-fit brother about his weight, and I knew then (as a teenager) that it wouldn't help.

The last sentence of the article gave me chills: "But the public health, not to mention fairness and humanity, demands nothing less."

Flo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a great looking family.
I have friends in Seattle and you guys are really getting hit hard!! Plus, it's kind of early in the season!!

Vickie said...

I saw your post on Flo's blog. I have a friend in Seattle also (seems like everyone does) so I'm sure she's loving the snow, being from the UP of Michigan herself. A couple of hints for keeping on working out on a stationary bike. Maybe choose the elliptical instead as a cross-training method, up to an hour at a time, at 70% max heart rate, and after a couple of weeks you should notice a nice surprise--improved fitness overall and no pounding. Once you get your fitness to another level, you should be able to easily switch on and off with running and biking or elliptical and biking. I read an article in RW about one hour cross-training workouts at 70% max, using this as a first method of weight loss and conditioning, and then incorporating running into the program, and the running improved by quite a bit.

angelfish24 said...

Thanks for visiting the blog everyone. My hubby is a great role model for me to continue to increase my fitness level and for my son too.
Thanks, Vickie, for the ideas on training. I do the elliptical now in addition to jogging or swimming but I need to increase the time and I'll try that 70% max. Would really like to run more but my body is saying 'no' right now but I'll get there.

Anonymous said...

hi, not sure if i have commented on your loss but WELL DONE!

thanks for the articles too, i have sent it around the traps so others are more aware of what we all know.

love the pic!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, good job! I was floundering for awhile but am working on getting back on track.

So your hubby is a bike rider! What an inspiration for you! My hubby doesn't do anything, naturally skinny but for a middle age pot belly. He still thinks he is the same weight he was 20 years ago, lol.

As for the snow, glad it is someone else for once!