Monday, November 27, 2006

Wow! Got a loss after turkey day!

I'm happy today cause got a loss of -2.4 today!!! WoooooHooooo!! I'm not sure how that happened, the body is a weird thing. I showed really little wt loss the last few weeks and I'm sure it had to do with water retention last week but then I don't try this week as turkey day and hurting my leg so I didn't exercise much and just ate in moderation and now a bigger loss. Ok, got my star today for getting to -45.8!! I can't wait for 50 pds and only need a loss bigger than .8 next week or 2 to get to that elusive 199!! I'm psyched. I knew if I just kept at it there's no way this fat can outlast me.

Sorry, I couldn't get the picture of my hubby and son to go on the last post! I will try tomorrow as I will have more time as school is tonight! Can't wait, 2 more weeks and I'm done for the quarter. Then, I plan on spending more time on the blog and trying to get it to look better. Can't figure the photo thing out as I have been using 'imageshack' that Christie told me about and it was working and now nothing. It seems to work and then I try to put it on the blog and it won't show up. I'm not too teckie so can't figure out why. Hope everyone is doing ok this week! And I'll check on your blog soon if I haven't already.


christie said...

Patty!! WOW!! You are doing so wonderfully. I'm really proud of you and amazed at how much you have lost!!!!

Onederland is right around the corner!

I'll try to help you with the pictures again when we have a chance to chat about it.

Kimberly said...

Woohoo! Awesome news.