Thursday, November 16, 2006

stress and feeling like I'm in slow mo and why I chose angelfish!

Have been getting real stressed out this week with my anatomy/phys. class. We dissected cat muscles for 2 weeks and finally had the test on the cats and human cadaver and it was damn hard! I'm pissed I wasn't as prepared as much as I though I was. We had to know the origin of the muscle the insertion onto the bone and the action that it makes. It seemed she showed things in different orientations, (front, back, side) and I got confused sometimes what she was pointing at! I'm just glad we are moving on the the nervous system and brain. Anyway, another long test on Saturday that takes me like 12-14 hours or more but at least it's a take home test but I hate the essays! Hope I didn't gross anyone out!

It feels like I'm in slow motion for my wt loss lately. The scale will go down 2 pounds and then a few days later it's up two pounds though I am still on the ww program and eating within my points range and exercising, cardio/weights/yoga. Only thing that has changed is the stress level I'm feeling. I am trying to practice patience, patience, patience. Just need to keep that as my mantra. I would really like a loss come Monday but we'll see.

In case you were wondering why I chose Angelfish as my blogger name, it is because I used to be a scuba instructor and just like those angelfish! Also, my dad is an Alaska fisherman and so fish and the ocean has always been in my blood. Last, but not least, I'm a pisces sign and feel I have to be near and live in driving distance to the ocean! I really enjoyed my time in Hawaii and the Cayman Islands when my hubby and I used to teach. Seems like a lifetime ago. When I need to go to my happy place, like we do when in yoga to de-stress and relax, I always find my thoughts returning to the ocean and beach on a sunny day! What I wouldn't do to go on a warm vacation at this time of year. It's funny though, when I first started blogging this summer I was just replying to Fat B's site and though I was just signing in to comment actually on a post of hers about patience and now that's the name of my blog. Ha, don't want to change it now though! It's a good quality for me to have now that the wt loss is slowing. (Though it would be funny to have a nice blog name like 'thin girl within' or 'fat buster' or something!) Hope everyone is doing well this week!!!


christie said...

Sorry you are going through so much stress hun. My thoughts on why that might affect the scale is if you arent' getting enough sleep. Making sure to get 7-8 hours every night is important for weight loss. Your body needs that time to do everything it needs to do!!

Hope things look up for you soon. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Christie is right about the sleep, don't get slack with that!

Are you studying to be a vet? 12-14 hours to do a test is rediculous! I'm curious to know where you guys are getting the cats from for disecting.
And yes that is gross lol

I wanted to be a shrink but the thought of going through medical school and cutting up dead bodies really turned me off. I just couldn't do that. Now i don't even know if you have to do that or not to become a shrink. Maybe i really should have looked into that! lol

I know what you mean about the ocean. I've never been away from the ocean untill we moved here. Now i only see it once every couple of years and it pains me :o(]
But then again, this is the first time in my driving life that my car hasn't quickly been rusted out by sea spray! lol

Good luck with your exams BTW :o)