Monday, November 06, 2006

Had a loss this week!

Had a loss of -1.4lb this week! Woohoo. I've decided to be happy with whatever loss the scale will show as I know it will get harder to lose more as it already has this past month. I will be happy w/ at least a 1lb loss each week (if not more) as I know weeks are coming next year that I will wish for a pound loss. Closing in on the elusive 199 but it will take me longer than I thought it would. Probably just in time for Thanksgiving and then I will really have to watch it over the holidays as that is always a really hard time for me to stay on program. Our leader said just to maintain over the holidays. I would like to continue losing a little over the holidays if I can. Gotta rush today to get to night school tonight, so bye. Hope everyone is doing ok this week!

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Chris said...

Congrats on losing more weight! Keep it up. It's great to be losing instead of gaining weight this time of year.