Sunday, November 26, 2006

nice holiday and seeing family and friends

(Picture is of my hubby, Ron and Chase last summer after a bike race, (guess I should ask him if I should share it but oh well!)

We had a nice holiday at my mom's and it was low-key this year with just a few people. My sister's were at their in-laws but I did see one of them later in the day as she lives in the same town as my mom. It is on Whidbey Island, up near the San Juan Islands. I grew up there and when I was young, I couldn't wait to get away. But now, I appreciate the beauty of the island and the little bit slower pace of life there (though it is growing). Saw an old friend from high school that I don't see much so that was nice and then went xmas shopping and got a good start on getting some gifts. I hate the crowds though! Then we went to Seattle, wished I took some pictures to show you! We stayed at a nice hotel so my son could go swimming and then went to dinner and took my son to Gameworks (a big video game place). On Sunday (today) my hubby did the 1/2 marathon. It was raining and just real yucky out today for the race and he wasn't walking too well when he was done. But he's happy that he went a lot faster than he had last summer running the 13 miles. I'm just hoping he didn't pull something as he really didn't prepare and run as much as he should have for this race. I saw a lot people staying at the hotel that I could tell ran the race too. I saw one lady that my hubby had met and she was totally fit w/ a hard body and she's 46! She ran with her daughter and I thought that was cool. Then, I thought, I'm younger than her, and maybe I should get into this!! I can't image thought what it would take. I don't think I've ever run more than 2 miles. I haven't really reached that stage where I enjoy running yet. I do like how you feel after, that kinda runner's high.

I took it easy with eating this week but I didn't count points and didn't exercise too much. I wanted a little break from writing down points and my leg was hurting. So, not sure what the scale will say. Of course, I got on the scale a little while ago and it looks ok, no gain yet, so a little surprised by that. So maybe I'll get a maintain this week and hoping for no gain. Hope everyone had a great week!


Living to Feel Good said...

Where's the picture?

Sounds like you had a nice time. I wish I could be a runner too, but I'm not there yet either. I too love the feeling after I'm done or if I get a faster pace, but it's not something I think about doing every day yet.

Anonymous said...

Ok.... glad it isnt just me... just popped in to say ty for your toughts...
Hugs Nannette

Anonymous said...

funny you should bring running up. i love to run, the feeling afterwards and the accomplishment of actually being able to control my breathing and knowing my body is strong enough. BUT we were talking about marathons and NO WAY could i be that committed. A. i dont' have the time. B. i dont' have the stamina to run 42kms. LOL

glad you had a great holiday. Hubby said thanksgiving was an AWESOME experience and all the americans he met were LOVELY!

angelfish24 said...

Working on getting the picture up! It was throwing fits on Sunday, I'll try again!