Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On with the training


I'm moving forward on my training for the Danskin tri this August. Got my bike some new road tires as the mountain bike ones were harder to ride on. Got some new running shoes by Saucony that I think fit my foot better than the Asics. The Asics Kayano are awesome but I'm gonna try these new brand ones. So, started the running again and I am doing some awesome bike trails through the country and today will do one by the Tacoma waterfront. I haven't started back to swimming lately but I will soon! As I was in this running store, I started to have hope/maybe excitement that someday I will get into that cute little running wear and really become a active person for good!

I am getting nervous about this race and may do a swim or race clinic in June or July. I really want to see the race course in Seattle and how many hills and have a chance to swim in Lake Washington. I know that swimming in a pool is way different than the open water/or the lake. The darker water, the weeds, etc. My girlfriend, Kathy, will do the race with me but she lives over an hour or more a way from me and is doing her own training. She is working on her swimming at the moment as that is her weak area. She is an awesome biker and I think she can run some too. I need work in mostly the running as I can't run 3 miles yet. I can walk forever so that is an option! But, it would be nice to jog all of it so I have some time to increase my ability in this area. I call it sweaty torture! Cause I've always disliked running. But, on the other hand, it gets you sweating fast and you really do feel good after completing a run. So, maybe there is something to it.

One major problem I have is what to wear on race day. You don't have a lot of time in between legs of the race to change so I need to find some kind of a tri outfit that can go from the water to the bike. There are some tri, one or 2 piece outfits but hey, spandex in not my friend. Argghhhh. I'll find something. Also, being rather busty I need a good sports bra. Give me recommendations if you have the same problem! I now use Moving Comfort and it is ok. I may try the Enell that Oprah recommends but it is heavy duty and not sure if I have free range of motion in that one! My mom says is you increase your running and the rest, the weight will just melt off fast. I'm not too sure about that as I still have to monitor the food and that is always a struggle for me! I know that what to wear is a vanity issue but being overweight, you can't help but think of it. I'm kind of glad this is an all women's race!

We were up late last night as we went up to a track meet that my 14 yr old nephew was participating in and before he even got to the first hurdle, he was down! His knee gave out and had a big contusion on his head. So far it looks like his has a fracture in his tibula right below the knee. I don't know how he injured it as he does basketball too and was having some soreness. He is prob. still in the hospital as they may have to do surgery and put a pin in there. I'm worried about him as he just got over a wrist breaking in the winter and has had several injuries! Maybe it's time to quit sports for quite a while, but that will kill him as he loves it.

I went to a meeting on my radiology school last Friday and they tried to scare you off by talking the worst case scenario that could happen in the hospital. The 8 hours on your feet per day, the work in the ER sometimes, etc. etc. They can't scare me off, this has been a long haul to get into this school. I will find out in early June if I get in. There is a lot of competition but my grades are real good so we'll see! I'm nervous.

Ok, on with the day, got lots to do. Hope you all are having a good week! I will post tomorrow on my weigh in though it seems the scale is moving slow but it is moving downward.


Flo said...

For my first tri I wore a pair of spandex workout shorts and a sports bra. That's all I wore for the swim. In T1 I threw a shirt on and was good to go. Don't worry about how you look in spandex. You will see all kinds of bodies when you're out there. The important thing is that you are all out there doing it, not how you look :)

Briony said...

I am busty too and you can't buy sports bras in Australia for my size, so I just have to get very supportive normal bras. I am thinking of checking the internet though cos I really need something firm.
Spandex is no friend of any woman. Good luck working out what to wear. It's a tough one.

Chris H said...

Spandex is evil stuff!!! Know how you feel. Sports bras, I wear a Bendon one, don't know if you get Bendon over there! Got my fingers crossed for you getting into the Radiology School.

Living to Feel Good said...

I am so excited to hear you are moving on with the tri. I think trying a swim clinic is a great idea.
Have you looked at tri websites and message boards for tips on what to wear?

Good luck with WI. :)