Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weigh in and how do you handle negative comments

Weigh in for today is.....down a pound!!! Woohooo! I'm not disappointed that it is going slow as I haven't been overly stringent with my diet. My digital scale that I am using only measures in 1/2 pound increments which is fine but I feel my scale varies sometimes hour to hour. So, not sure what I will do about that. The gym does have a doctor's scale so I will think about that. So, the hard stuff. The real wt numbers when I re-started this wt loss a few weeks ago.
4/25....218 pounds

It's hard to put the real numbers up but I think but important to keep me accountable. Ok, and I will change my side bar to reflect that. I had a goal to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks so I will put that on the side too. The end of the 10 weeks will by July 4 so that will be a celebration day in more ways than one. It is going down but slowly so I need to concentrate on that. And I am increasing my exercise lately so I think the wt loss will continue and I hope accelerate.

Ok, what I wanted to talk about it how do you handle any negative or what you take as negative, comments about your wt loss journey. I've had some such as 'lose some more' or just 'move more eat less' or people in blogland saying 'I wonder if she can keep it off''. I mean, I know most people are very nice and want the best for me but once in a while a comments will get under your skin. Like, if they think I can't maintain, I start thinking 'if they don't think I can keep it off, why do I?' And I then had a major backslide in my journey. I mean it was just one component in why I did the backslide. It doesn't make friggen sense. I have tried to develop a thick skin about wt comments but it is hard. I think most of us that are a good deal overweight are very sensitive about it. And it is on my mind constantly as I see thin people around. For instance, when I was in the running store I'm thinking, on one hand I want to be fit and wear the cute running clothes and on the other hand I'm thinking 'who am I fooling, I'm a big ole bull in the china shop' around all these fit people. The sales lady was talking to my husband and saying 'you look like a triathalete' to him and was laying the compliments on thick. I was just thinking 'just shut up, and show me some shoes'. I looked at some clothes, bras, and shoes. I know I prob. can't fit into their clothes so I was thinking, well I can buy bras or shoes. I was there for the shoes anyway. I felt like I didn't belong there. I just push that thinking aside as I am on my way to a fitter body. How do you handle any comments about your weight? Or any feelings that come up in different situations? I try to be positive and turn my thinking around and sometimes it works.

What was good at the running store was that I did a foot/running test where they see what kind of arch you have in your foot and watch you run on a treadmill. They then use this data to fit you in the best shoe possible so that was cool.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Chris H said...

Negative comments - yikes now I'm thinking... have I ever left you one that you could take as negative!??? Hell I hope not! As for how to cope with them, it's hard... if it's on my blog,I don't publish it and try to get over it... I've only had two so far. In shops and public, It is very hurtful if someone is negative, and I try to just brush it off as them being "NOT NICE PERSON", cos they simply are not nice eh? I think more often than not though, the negative comments come from inside our own heads! We have to learn to be positive about our weight loss and belive we can do it, we can be slim again, and we are worth the effort.... we are ya know? I love to say "I may be fat, but you are ugly,and I can diet" to anyone who critisised me when I was obese. It was lovely! Maybe not nice, but hey, they started it! Have a lovely day chick.

Anonymous said...

You know what? Anyone who makes those sort of comments is not someone you would want to be friends with anyway, right? Who cares what some random asstard has to say about YOUR journey! Pfft.

Like Chris, if I get a negative comment, I just unpublish and delete it. At first, they would really hurt my feelings but now I just know that it is about the other person being unhappy with themselves, not me. Remember that...they are so unhappy that they have to put you down!

Congrats on your loss and do it at whatever speed you want to. Don't let the naysayers affect all of your great accomplishments.

And send the bastages to ME if you want ;). I'll tear them apart!

lowincomelady said...

Hi, I read your blog through google reader but this is my first time commenting. I guess I am lucky with people commenting on my weight. I have never had a negative comment! I started at 358 pounds and now I am about 245 and everyone has been encouraging. i guess if anyone did make a negative comment, I wouldn't be able to handle it! You are right, overweight people are sensitive about themselves. Cheers lowincomelady

Briony said...

It's hard not to care about what other people think but we have to try. Some people are so depressed about their own situation (whether it be weight, lack of money, no partner in their life etc etc) that they have to make others feel just as bad as they do. Think about Karma and how it will get them back and try to ignore them. Alternately, like Hilly said, send them to me and i'll sort them out for you!!
Hopefully there are more people who leave nice comments than those who leave nasty ones.
Congrats on another loss, you're doing well - downwards all the way!

celtic_girl said...

Unless it's a pretty blatant in your face comment, I usually ignore them as the people dishing them out are ignoramaces.I've learnt to be a bit thick skinned on this issue as well. Nobody but you knows your circumstances and issues and nobody has the right to judge.We are all doing the best we possibly can and learning to love yourselves a little goes a long way.

( . )( . ) said...

I know what you mean by negative comments. I am at a stage now where I have realised that I am what I am. And whatever people think, well they can keep on thinking it. But there was a stage where I used to think everyone was looking at how fat I was and how horrible I looked. I realise that even if these people are thinking that, who cares!! Who are they?? Only horrible people think like that, so why would you even want to worry about them.

The actual comments themselves can hurt, but realise that negative comments come from negative people. Again people you dont want to associate yourself with.

If someone truly cares and is wanting to help you, they will know that you arent stupid and know what it takes to get fit and lose some weight, so they will just support you and love you no matter what.

Ok ive dribbled on long enough.

My best advice is to not care about what other people think. You are as beautiful, amazing and stunning as any other woman out there!

Kim said...

Congrats on the loss for the week! That's awesome!!

As for the negative weight loss comments - I guess that I've been lucky, I've not encountered any in real life, or in comments on my blog. I'm sure that if I did it would sting. Even when I know that it doesn't matter what anyone says about me. I'm losing the weight for me, not for anyone else, and their comments are just that - THEIRS. If you happen upon any more just delete them and chalk them up to the idiot population that has access to the internet! You're strong Patty, don't let the random assholes out there get you down. :)

TrixieBelden said...

I'm sorry you've had to deal with negative comments. I think it takes a lot of mental energy to deal with what other people say and move past it.

When I have to deal with negative comments I tend to get quiet, instead of fighting back. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I kind of retreat into myself and try to fluff my ego back up. It's hard. I tend to also hide in my apartment and not go out too much, other than the necessities of school and work, until I'm over it. I guess I'm pretty sensitive and take things a little too hard. I'd like to get to a point where I could say something back to the person so I could feel some kind of power in the situation.

Here's a toast to you and all the wonderful things about you. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us!

Spider said...

Hey, you were a hot babe not too long ago, and when you get back to that weight you will be a super-hot babe (hot body plus experience).

It is easy to get de-motivated. It has been happening to me, and I have thought that tough love makes you mentally tougher, but I am not sure. Something has to work to make you and I and others tougher. Not sure what. Just don't give up.