Tuesday, May 08, 2007

this and that

Just been busy lately and haven't felt like I've got much to say. Well, I always have something to say.

The play 'Edward Scissorhands' was interesting last weekend. It was unusual for a play in that is was dancing only. Usually our plays are singing plays. But, it was interesting and when I did get bored I just had to look at the lead guy playing edward and admire his strong, firm, gluteal muscles! HA! My sister didn't like the play at all. Afterwards we went to a nice restaurant called palomino and I made a good choice with of a salad with chicken on it. It wasn't what I really wanted as they have amazing food there but it was really good and had pecans and fruit in it and the dressing tasted kind of like maple.

Yesterday, was about 70 degrees out which in unusual around here so I took my son down by the ocean in Tacoma and we just goofed around and looked from crabs under the rocks and had a lunch outside. I meant to take a picture of the area and post it but I forgot! I promise some good pics of Vegas this time and plan on walking around the city and enjoy the sites. I have a plan to do a lot of walking and also work out at the gym at the hotel. Even though they charge a fee it will be worth it. I also plan on getting a lot of sun time! Yes!

As far as the diet and exercise it is going ok. I'm am doing it 1/2 assed lately and seem to be staying the same weight this week. I'll see what tomorrow's weigh in says. I have a long walk planned for Thursday with my ladies group and was going to do a long bike ride up around Lake Washington in Seattle but my bike will still be in the shop as I'm getting it tuned up and smaller road tires on it. I have the big mountain bike tires on it and want the smaller ones on it to make it a little easier to ride. I also have some triathalon training and seminars coming up to help me with my training for the Danskin.

My wt loss goals for the year are: to lose 50 pounds this year by next May 1. I know I can do it! The short term goal is to lose 20 pounds by the tri which is August 19. I don't know if I can meet that but will try hard. I need more wt off by then to make this race easier.

Tell me your goals out there in blog land or tell me your struggles with losing weight long term, self image issues, etc. I challenge you to get real and dig deep in your blogging! I want more than just what you ate and what exercise you did. I want to see in to what you think everyday about yourself, your life, etc. Well, if you want to anyway. Have a great week!


Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohh digging deep... I dont think anyone would want to know whats deep in my mind.. hahahaha
As for goals.. I want to lose another 15 to 20 lbs but i dont really have a time frame as yet for that.. I have nothing coming up to help me set a goal..
Might have to plan a trip to the mainland to have a goal for...
hmmm will go and think on that one..

Anonymous said...

My goal right now is to just be healthy eating and exercise wise and stop going back and forth all of the time.

Emotionally I'd like to put less stock in my weight equaling my worth!

celtic_girl said...

My goal at the moment is just to blimen well stick to it and exercise at least 3 days a week. Boring I know.

Briony said...

I'm feeling much better about myself this week, not sure whether it's the gym, the diet or the fact that i'm back into blogging? But i'm happy whatever it is. Hope you're having a good week too.