Wednesday, September 06, 2006

article about weight loss and other thoughts

Check out this article called 'A crash course on weight loss: 6 steps at It is interesting to see this spin on why people can't or don't lose weight. They say we are 'first: You are often afraid of life. The second: You often think and feel that you are inadequate to deal with life.' Well, I'm not sure I agree totally with that but I do agree with the part in the story about using food to deal with stresses in life. I like to surf the net and find info about weight loss or healthy eating and I get these newsletters about these subjects. I guess I feel if I read everything I can it will make me succeed this time and it also gives me motivation to keep going. Well, I'm back on the eating healthy wagon and it's going fine. Didn't make it to ww yet but may today but now afraid not that I've gotten mostly over my chest cold, now my son is coming down with it so may not be getting out much. One piece of good news, I'm getting to go to Santa Fe, NM next week with my mom. We were supposed to go to a diet spa or something last year when I hit my milestone bday (40) yikes! So we are finally off and though it was booked kinda last minute and not staying at a spa we will get a massage somewhere. Do you believe I've never had a professional massage! I think it has to do with my weight and body image and just being a modest person in general. Neither of us has been to NM so this will be fun. I keep having dreams of Hawaii and going there....(think it's calling me cause I haven't been in a long time!) but NM will have to do. Hope everyone is doing well this week.

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