Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Off the wagon

Disappointed in myself for this past weekend. Too much crap food, didn't track my points and ate too much. It didn't help that I knew I wouldn't weigh in on Monday due to the holiday. 3 days off track. So I am back on track today and hopefully I can get with the program again. I did do some long walks so I'm hoping the damage won't be much next week. The bad thing is though we were walking on uneven surfaces and I twisted my ankle. So no I am out of commission for a few days for walking. Maybe I'll try some swimming this week as that would be easier on it. It is stupid to try to maintain my usual pace with a swollen ankle. So I will slow down and work on the diet this week. Ok, not the four letter word, diet, I will work at eating healthfully this week. I had a feeling my bad mood last week would end up with me not caring what and how much I ate over the last 3-4 days but oh well. I decided to forgive myself and move on. No more quitting and saying I can't do this lifestyle change because I can I have been the last 4 months. I'm giving myself a pep talk here to get back on track. I'm going to make mistakes on the this journey but you have to get right back on the horse or is it the wagon. I think I will go to ww meeting today or tomorrow just for the meeting and maybe need to hear some positive reinforcement as it might help. Hope everyone survived the weekend, why does our family turn it into a eating weekend?

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christie said...

Definitely take the time to work on the eating habits!!
3 years ago I had to have surgery on my heel and I was in a cast for a month using crutches and then a month after that I could barely walk. So for 2 months no exercise, but I still managed to lose weight. Not a low, just a couple pounds, but it would have been so easy to throw it all out the window. A few days with a sprained ankle you can definitely handle!!!! Focus on your food this week, then next week you can do both :)