Saturday, September 09, 2006

Did well at the fair

I was determined to stay on program at the state fair today. I knew all the scones, huge burgers, fries, ice cream, candy, etc. would be there to tempt me. I had a Krusty pup (corn dog) and later for dinner a bbq sandwich so all in all that wasn't a bad day for me. Usually, in past years I'd hit the elephant ears stand or ice cream plus scone or other treats. The ww leader actually said the corn dog was 6 pts so not too bad. We did do a lot of walking but my ankle is still bothering me and swelled up. It pissing me off that this ankle just won't behave and go back to normal! I've gotten so used to walking or working out 4x per week that I feel bad now that I'm not doing as much. I couldn't even go the Y, my gym, as they had it closed as the pool and gym are being redone. What am I paying them for, the gym has closed all week! I did get over to a different Y in a nearby city and got in a little elliptical the other day and walking but I'm not up to par. My hubby is doing his last mini triathalon tomorrow. We will attempt to get up and go and watch him. Those darn races are always at like 7 or 8am and of course not close by. It's hard to get my son up and out the door that early but we will try. Well, we'll see what Monday brings as far as any weight loss but I feel I'm just in the maintaining zone right now due to not being able to exercise very much for very long. It's just a small blip in the long road ahead.


christie said...

i wish i could buy that t-shirt on my blog that says "Maintain! Maintain! Maintain!"
It kind of gives me the idea that we should be happy when we maintain.
I know it's hard sometimes. It definitely would have been hard for me last week except I knew it was a fluke on WI day.
Just try to focus on how much better you're doing now than you were 31 pounds ago and that maintaining is okay once in a while. The last time I did this I had a huuuuuuuge plateau when I hit about 30 pounds lost. Your body needs time to adjust to it's new "settings", and then it will keep going down. Don't be like me - I waited the plateau out for a month then started gaining because I was frustrated and reckless. Just keep doing what you know is healthy for you and it will happen.

angelfish24 said...

Thanks to you for continuing to visit my blog! I can use all the help I can get. Yeah, I am trying to be happy about the maintain, it could be a lot worse, and I won't let it turn into a relapse! I have done that on several occasions and want this time to be different. What is diff. this time is that I'm not looking at exeternal things like losing wt for a vacation or to be a certain size. I'm doing this for internal reasons, such as becoming healthy and doing this for me and not for others, though I know they will be happy if and when I get down to a normal size.