Tuesday, September 19, 2006

quote and also some pics of New Mexico

What do you think of this quote 'living an unfulfilled life is a big part of maintaining the destructive habits that hold obese people back'. Mmmmm. I saw it on the fatmanwalking website. I've read his web/blog for quite a while now since he walked across american to lose some weight and to find some happiness. Look like he is on the verge of another journey and this time around the world. So, hope he finds what he is looking for but I couldn't leave my family for that amount of time. And what do they always say, something like, 'when you go looking for happiness elsewhere, it was always right at home' or something like that. Well, the unfulfilled part, maybe that could be true for me. It seems I put some things on hold while taking care of family or letting my hubby go after his dreams. It's something I've thought about and continue to think about. Maybe this could have been what caused me to keep gaining wt every year. Anyway, I have a few pics of New Mexico so I'll attempt to post them here. Some didn't turn out too well because of the crappy camera (my hubby had the digital) and all the sunny/shady areas. Have a good week.

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