Thursday, September 21, 2006

Looks like scale going down...

I don't weigh in till Monday but got on the scale today and down like 3. The scale has never gone down to 209 in years (fun to see) and that would be like 211 on the ww scale. That would be so cool though I know better than to count now as by Monday it could be pre-menstrual and then the wt goes up again. I have been exercising like mad as I have more free time this week as my son has started up preschool so decided since home was 25 min. away then I will go to the gym every single day during the week. We did splurge and go the county fair again but we concentrated on the rides and sights to see and not on the food and I am proud to say no dessert and hardly any junk food. That's a feat for me. I was thinking about this, I remember in years past, it seemed I couldn't wait to eat this and that fattening food at the fair. Food was all consuming. Now, it seems at this moment it is not. I can take it or leave it on most days. Being healthy is winning out. I hope I can keep that state of mind. Going on the rides, yikes, most make me sick now! Especially the spinning bear ride! I remember I used to go on any and all rides when I was young and loved them. Now I feel like like up-chucking but wanted to have some fun w/ my son. On another note....exercise.....Question for you all....what exercise do you do and how often to you change your workout routine to keep it from becoming boring? Have a good weekend everyone.


christie said...

Hey that's an excellend decision that you're going to the gym every weekday. Must be hard seeing your little one off to preschool,too :)
I hope you see the weight you want to see this week.

I used to get really stuck in ruts with exercising. For example, I'd do the elliptical every single time I went to the gym.
Nowadays I'm finally getting the variety I had hoped for. I'm exercising a LOT and I barely repeat somehting once in the week. It has really kept things feeling easier, it doesn't feel like I'm doing the same old same old all the time. I'm varying swimming, water aerobics, walking, arc trainer, elliptical, walk/jog dvd, yoga dvd, now hiking... whew! And there's still so much more I want to try, too.

angelfish24 said...

yeah, think I will try more classes at the Y. Start w/ yoga and then work towards step or core (some kind of mat work and bands and balance) and then swimming or aqua aerobics. Sometimes I just don't feel like getting on the suit but I will.