Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nice quote

'It's not what you did, it's what you do from here'. I like this quote, it is from Shana on the ww boards and she got it from a ww leader. I'll try to keep that mantra in my mind. It seems to apply to me today. We left early today to go to my son's annual doctor's appt. and we didn't have time to eat so afterwards we went out to eat breakfast (a rare thing) as he has his 5 yr old shots and wasn't feeling his best. I didn't study the menu beforehand and I made a lousy choice w/ the ham n cheese omelette, w/ hashbrowns and toast! I didn't eat the whole thing but prob. 3/4 and immediately felt guilty about it. I hate that. Cause I really didn't know how many calories or points it was and I will just have to guess high. We then went to the gym and I worked out hard for an hour so feel like I did some damage control. I just get bummed that sometimes this healthy lifestyle change seems like it is coming natural to me and then other times it's like my old self of eat anything I want, who cares about the fat content. Arrrggghhhh. I know this will be an ongoing challenge for me. It can fit the program if I know how many pts. the meal is and how many flex points I need to use and treat myself to something real good once in a while. I wish I could just be that person who loves to eat carrots and celery and lean chicken but I still crave the regular restaurant food once in a while. I'm a little worried about my 5 days I'll be out of town. I will pack my pria's bars and anything else I can to have so low pt snack foods. I really want to keep on the program and keep losing. I love to chart my weight and see a loss for the week but I'm noticing myself slip a little and just go down a little on some weeks. I hope I can get my motivation back because it isn't nearly as strong as before. Hope everyone is doing well this week.


christie said...

To answer your question,
I'm in physical therapy because of back problems. In my thoracic spine I have 3 herniated discs and also degenerative disc disease. There's a link on my page under "menu" that says "my back situation", that will take you to something that descriped degenerative disc disease. If you read my archivers from this february, march, april, you'd see back when I was talking about it a lot, if you are interested :)
Physical therapy has helped me and my goal is to keep strengthening all the muscles around my spine - I also have trouble with my hips and one of my feet. I'm working on it all. But I know that losing weight is the only thing that will REALLY truly make my pains go away.

angelfish24 said...

I checked out your web about the back, but skimmed it as I didn't have a lot of time. Just want to say sorry you have been in pain! I'm glad exercising is helping. Your too young to have this much trouble! Once in a while I've had that shooting pain in the hip/butt and it's the sciatic nerve I suppose. Not sure what I should do with that but stretching and exercising seem to help. All this wt off will help too, I know!!

Kimberly said...

At least you're trying, and even if the loss is small, it's still a loss and it still adds up.

I had part of a Quizno's kids sandwich (leftover from my 5-yr-old, who also had his shots recently and was NOT happy about it) and I had to guess high too. I hate doing that, but it's best to keep counting.