Wednesday, September 06, 2006

maintaining, went to meeting

Decided I really needed a ww meeting due to being off track this past weekend. Was down only -.2 lb and was surprised I hadn't gained. I have been on track the last 2 days so that may have helped in damage control. The meeting was about getting back to basics and what tools do you need to succeed, so that was good. I need to go back to tracking the points consistantly and start to make ww meals from the recipe books to add more variety. Seems if I eat the same food over and over I get bored. And when I get bored, there's a tendency not to do the program as well as I can. I did really good over the summer so not sure why I'm losing focus now. We tracked from 5/31 to present (for a summertime challenge) and I have lost 22 lbs since then and that's not too shabby. I wasn't trying to lose a certain # of pounds, just tried to stay on the program week to week. I've decided if I miss a week or if it's closed on a Monday, I will just go a different day matter what. If I gain, so what? It's better than missing and then gaining, and then being ashamed of gaining and then eventually quitting after missing a few meetings. Well, that has been a pattern in my past that I'm determined to change this time. Goodnight all.


FAT BITCH said...

Hi Angelfish :)

Yes - for sure you did a good thing for yourself when you went to that WW meeting, hon. That means that you knew what you had to do and took the steps to make it happen! :D

I hear you about the getting bored with the same foods and that's why I try to do my best to invent some recipes of my own.

You're doing EXCELLENTLY on your weight loss challenge and my sister, I am loving your "so what" attitude if you gain.

Don't lose these feelings! They will keep you strong!

angelfish24 said...

Thanks for commenting fatbitch. I saw on your website that you may post some recipes in the future, that would be great. I have the ww cookbook and it is good though some want a zillion ingredients and I like quick and simple recipes. Yeah, mtg helped somewhat to hear others comments.

christie said...

I totally thought I had posted already. Whoops!
I think it's amazing that you have been tracking since 5/31. That is HARD to keep up. Obviously it has really helped you. Way to go!
I'm gonna keep checking in on you cuz I know you can do this!

angelfish24 said...

Actually been tracking since 5/1 when I started. The 5/31 was the summer challege thing. Confession, sometimes I don't right down all my pts. I do it in my head and I still lose. Not a good habit but you know when you get so used to what you are eating and the same things you can do the stuff in your head. I need to get back down to basics and writing. It gets old though. Evenutually I guess I'll try core when it's not working anymore.