Friday, September 22, 2006

exercise and mood

I have exercised 5 times this week, Monday-Friday, so happy about that. I will not tomorrow as I have a busy day with a play and a concert. Hopefully on Sunday we will all go for a bike ride as it's been a while since we have. My bike needs a little work but maybe my hubby can fix it as he's into bikes. We have a 1/2 bike that by dh (dear husband) can hook to his and we can take our 5 yr old and actually get in a long ride. My son can pedal too or just coast along. I was in a cruddy mood this morning cause I slipped down the stairs a little and caught myself so not sure why the bad mood. But got out to exercise later and my mood was better again. So really enjoying the mood boost exercise can give me. I'm going to stay on the ww program this weekend even though I will be eating out a little. I want that Monday weigh in to be good after busting my butt this week! I was going to go swimming today but forgot the suit so I did the track/walking and elliptical. Maybe I'll try aqua aerobics next week and definitely will try yoga as I liked it. They call it power yoga and said all levels welcome so I'll see what that is all about. Here's a little joke....hope everyone is doing well this day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting all that exercise! I adore that little comic, lol.

Anonymous said...

Rofl. I love the little comic strip.

I may go bike riding on Sunday as well. I haven't done that for a while and the weather is finely feeling just right for it.

Chris said...

Bike riding is so wonderful in the Fall and Spring. I have a Trek bike just waiting to be used. You have inspired me to use it.

It's been sitting in my guest bathtub believe it or not. I fell off of it and broke my arm a few years ago during a 18 mile ride. Funny story in retrospect. :)

Best of luck next week with all your workouts. I'm glad your getting back on track.

christie said...

That's awesome that you exercised 5 days and will hopefully be doing a 6th!! Yeah I love how good exercise can make us feel!!

I really need to get my bike back. It's at the evil place I lived before, in the basement, covered in dust from the basement being finished. Ugh!