Tuesday, July 25, 2006

long obedience in the same direction

I'm sitting here trying to keep in mind the quote my WW leader has been quoting to us. "Long obedience in the same direction", meaning stick with the program, eat in your pts range, exercise and keep on doing it in tough times and in good times. It's tough though. After seeing a 4 lb. loss last week this week with eating less, I've gained .2lbs. I'm trying not to sweat it and just keep plugging along and have patience! But I'm feeling pissed that I do all the right things, journal my food, exercise 4 plus times a weeks and no loss! I get that feeling, what's the use, I bypassed all the pizza, fat good, desserts, mocha drinks and stayed the course and didn't get rewarded. Whaaaahhh! Ok, quit feeling sorry for myself, dust myself off and keep going. Maybe it's just the first of many plateaus I will exerperience. Quitting is not a option this time, keep on going to WW till I die is the mantra in my class! I know what quitting will entail which I've done many times in the last 15 years. It will mean a yo yo back up in wt and I will lose all the progress I've made. Not gonna do it!! I would love to have this wt just fall off but the reality is it's darn hard work and averageing 1-2 lbs a week is what will happen so I'll deal with it!! Really thinking of upping the exercise and starting running but it's hard on these old bones but know it might speed up the progress. Good luck to everyone on this same journey out there.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I was thinking lately, what it is I have to do to win this war against fat and get healthy and go for that elusive healthy BMI weight. Though I somewhat disagree w/ that chart due to them not accounting for how much muscle mass a person may have. What this journey will take is perseverance and lots of patience. I have the patience. Of course, I would like to drop all the weight fast but that's not realistic and if I were to it prob. come back twice as fast. I know, slow and steady wins the race so I'll keep plodding along. I'm doing a chart of if I lose 6, 7, or 8 lbs a month that I should get to goal next summer. I also need to concentrate on getting healthy and being able to assist in lifting patients in the career I'm changing to. I need to be strong for that and for my family. It's sad when a 4 yr. old can outrun me! It's getting better though, with just almost 8 wks of exercise I have a lot more stamina and energy so it should just get better and better. My hubby has be going out on longer bike rides and we did 16 mi. the other day. I'm a slow rider but I'm going for endurance and longer rides. Maybe some of my super fitness hubby's exercise regimen is rubbing off on me and I am actually liking the effects of exercise. Mind you, I don't always enjoy the pain or is it exhaustion and pushing myself to do more but it seems to speed up the weight loss on the weeks I do push it. I'm should get to the first WW goal of losing 10% by next week so that will be good and trying to only look at losing in 5 lb to 10 lbs increments to not cause me to be discouraged by the big picture and how much I really have to lose. My hubby says he wants to throw out our scale when I complain it goes up one day and down the next even though by diet is on track. I'll keep it around to keep myself in check.

Monday, July 17, 2006

making progress

Weigh in was a good this week, down another 4.2 lbs. That makes ta da da, 23.4 pounds. I know funny that WW does weight increments. Im sure it helped that I was sick w/ a cold and had little appetite but I still exercised as best I could and down in portland I didn't even go out to eat. The force is stong with me lately, ha ha. So I'm hoping this motivation, or is it perseverence or patience will keep me going strong thru the end of the year and beyond. My problem time of year has been xmas and holiday and usually will result in a yo you back up. But I feel different this time; maybe I finally found the focus to ditch this fat. For my health, for my family and especially for me. My sister has joined WW too and has been on it several time like I have. I hope that she will continue the journey with me and not quit when stress hits in the fall when she goes back to teaching. I'm not getting any younger and I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and have a taste of what life could be again, more energy, feeling better about myself and more positive. I realized I'm not really starting this blog to address others, just more like a journal for me to write down some thoughts. I love looking at people's weight loss progresses though and someday I'll get some pics up here or something.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Just got back from picking up the hubby. He did a 240 mile, one day bike ride from Seattle to Portland. I drove down to pick him up and was watching all the cylers come in and people waiting for them and was thinking, could I ever do this someday? My hubby is turning into an athlete it seems. First this and always commuting to work on his bike. Next week is a 1/2 ironman triathalon. He seems to think next year it could be him and I doing these events together. I say, that's not my dream right now. I want to get off at least 76 more pounds or more, that's my focus. I haven entertained the idea of doing the danksin women's mini tri next summer. It would be 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run, I believe. I can do the swim and bike now but I suck at running and have never really liked it. I tried running 1/4 of the laps on my 2 mile walk and the next day I could hardly walk! Think it's too much lugging this wt around the track, so back to fast walking for me for now. I can see why hubby likes it, it is a good physical and mental challenge but now by energies are focused on taking care of my son, I've been back to college for a career change the past 2 years and 2 plus more to go and now the weight loss journey or as I call it the war against fat. Who knows, maybe a former couch potato can turn into a mini athlete. It's just all the time it takes!! Well, weigh in tomorrow at WW and I've been careful w/ my eating this week and haven't went out to eat once so it should go fine. Now if I can just quit thinking about burgers and pizza.....ahhhhh the battle never ends.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

war against fat

Apologize, but I am still trying to figure out how to blog. Seems it posted as a blog below a comments I made on another site. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to post pictures and other comments and the weight ticket thing. I started my war against fat on 5/1/06 with WW at it seems this time things are different. I have the right mindset and haven't had the serious cravings for carbs like pasta and pizza that I have had in previous diets. What may be helping this time is 5 days of exercise a week, not matter what. Even if it's just walking a mile if I can't get to the gym, then that is better than nothing. It has tremendously helped with my outlook on life and has been my way of dealing with stress or any thing in my life that isn't going the way I want it to go. I want this war against fat to be a success this time. It's not going to win this time and have me yo yo back up in weight. I'm going for a lifestyle change forever, not just until I get to my goal. Because as past experience as shown me, that doesn't work and I go right back to my old eating habits. Persistance is the key for me this time and so is educating myself on issues relating to emotional eating and any other book I can find on fitness or that will help me in my quest for a healthy body and mind. I'm tired of the constant negative voice playing in my head when I see my reflection or a picture of me. I say the most horrible things to myself about how I look and I thought about this a lot, would I say comments such as this to a chubby friend. Yeck no! I would be supportive and encouraging. So I have made a mind set shift and have been positive during the last 12 weeks and it seems to be going well. I read the "Body Intelligence" book and it helped somewhat and will continue to get motivation from other books and other sources such as WW success stories and other people on the weight loss journey. This can be overcome!

Friday, July 14, 2006

first blog

This is my first blog and being semi computer illiterate I'm trying to figure this out! I'm going to do a blog regarding my weight loss progress on WW and general thoughts about life. Thanks for reading.