Saturday, September 30, 2006

When you don't want to exercise...

This was taken from an email I got from a guy named Jon Benson who wrote, 'Fit over 40' but probably good for any age I would think. I tend to do what he did, just say to myself "just do 10 minutes" and then I will always due more cause I'm feeling good, it's just a matter of getting to the gym in the first place. "When You Don't Feel Like GoingTo The Gym...Do This ---A lot of people probably think I go to the gymon auto-pilot. This is not always the case.In fact, tonight was a prime example of...(see if you can relate)-- Had every intention of working out in the early afternoon (when I usually train)-- Got caught up in work mode-- Ended up not eating my meal on time... and workout time turned into chow time-- The hours crept on by until it guessed it...dinner time-- "Can't train this late" ran through my mindIt was almost a workout aborted. One ofthese is no big deal...but one turns into two,which can turn into dozens.That's a big deal.So, here's what I did -- despite the fact thatI really do 'not' like to workout at night...especially legs. I used "secret weapon number 1" -- I toldmyself, "Okay, Jon...just do a 'sissy workout'.Just enough to say you did something. Don't even TRY to train hard!"All of a sudden, the gym became...shallwe say..."easier to find."At first, I did just what I told myself -- keptit really light. Then, sure enough, after theinitial warm-ups and so-forth, the iron bugbit me. I wanted more.I ended up breaking a personal best in a new movement I'm using.I then did used the same trick for my post-workout walk. "Just up to the end of thestreet and back...enough to say I did it."I walked much further...gladly.The secret is two-fold. First, use your mind to your advantage. In a way, this is typical 'reverse psychology.' Once you tell yourself, "I'm only going todo X", then "XX" becomes a bonus. "X"is still acceptable, so either way you come out ahead.Second, the majority of the time when you do not 'feel' like workout out, you'rereally feeling something else.Distracted, busy, really doesnot have much to do with your actual workout session.Go with it -- tell yourself you'll do a "busyperson's workout"...and watch whathappens.Chances are you'll find your groove, andthen do the "human" thing -- rebel againstyour own plan. "I'll show ME!" It's kinda funny, but believe it -- this willsave you dozens and dozens of missedworkouts in the year.You may even get a personal best or two."

Friday, September 29, 2006

ladies night out

Went for my monthly ladies night out with a bunch of my old high school friends from years ago. We had started this group about a year a 1/2 ago or so. It is just 4 of us but we are starting to invite more that we are coming into contact with again. One lady that we haven't seen in a couple of years came last night to meet us in Seattle. We went on a 3 plus mile around greenlake and boy, those ladies are getting fast! We did dinner afterward and got to talking to my old friend about her lap band procedure she had a few years ago. We talked further and I knew she had been on television about it and she said it was Inside Edition and that it was actually about reconstructive surgeries she had about 2 yrs ago. Guess she did that procedure where after you lose a lot of wt (she lost over 100lb.) that they give you various procedures all at once. Think since it was relatively new idea, that's why the news was interested. She told me she had boob life, chin implant, tummy tuck or lipo, butt lift, thigh lift, and upper arm skin taken off. I can't imagine the recoup time. She said she was in so much pain she asked God to just take her now. I don't know, I am pretty open to people getting plastic surgery if they want but this seemed like total overkill to me. I think I would personally think of tummy tuck or boob reduction if my body isn't what I want it to be when the wt comes off. I mean if there is just a mass of skin still there though you are thin, would you do something about it? Of course, the cost and the fear of it, might deter me but I'd be open to it. But, I wouldn't do lap band or gastric bypass surgery. I mean, I saw her eat like 4 bites of soup and that's all she could have! I know that eating less and more often would of course make you thin but I wouldn't want to live like that. I guess there is an option to ease off the lap band and you can eat more if you feel like you would like to do that. Funny thing though, I was talking about emotional eating and how I used to eat due to stress not hunger and she said she gained her wt just due to loving food. Well, my issue is more that just loving food it's using it when I'm stressed, mad, sad, happy, you name it. And she said she dreams of eating chocolate and can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what to say to that. I think, we can change the stomach but we can't always change the mind or it's longings. What do you all think of these kind of surgeries out there in blog land?? Have a great week. I'm doing well on the exercise and eating plan and except to see some loss come Monday. Just need to get through the weekend and concentrate on healthy eating.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Starting to feel the pressure and other thoughts

Starting to feel the pressure of all I need to do to get an A in this Anatomy and Physiology class. It is a teacher I've never had before and she seems pretty demanding. Have lots of assignments due already and mega reading to do! I think they expect 2 hrs of studying a night and that is hard w/ raising a family and other obligations. So, I will burn the midnight oil most nights. I'm a night owl anyway but it will make it hard to get up early some days. If I don't visit your blogs as much or post as much that is because of limiting myself on the internet so I can get some studying in. On another note, the hubby is trying to push me. I mean, I guess, help me by encouraging me to do more exercise. Like when we did the 16 mi. bike ride, he says 'soon now you'll be ready for longer rides' and 'what is your next weight goal'. (I know he wants to help but I just want to share thoughts, not have him find a solution to my wt issues, I think it's going fine and I'm making progress) Sometimes, I share with him what weight milestone I have made as I don't share it with too many people besides mom and sister and you blogger friends out there. He wants to push me to work harder and faster. He wants me to do triathalons cause he's into it big time. I told him that is not my dream right now, getting weight off and becoming healthy is. Heck, that may never be my dream. But on the other hand, I actually had entertained the thought of doing the danskin women's mini tri next August in Seattle to help raise money for breast cancer (a close friend is fighting it). It would be I think a 1/2 mi. swim, 12 mi. bike or more, and 2 1/2 mile run. I think it could be doable but I'm totally not a runner. Never have been and never really liked it. I can do the swim and bike but I'm not speedy. Anyway, I'm toying w/ the idea of buying the book 'couch to 5k' that I've heard about that gets you jogging. I feel it's hard when I tried once a few months back; just the extra weight I still have on and have always hated the bounce (in the chest). If any of you ladies out there are amply gifted in the chest region as I am you know what I'm talking about. Of course, when I was young and in jr. high/high school we had to run as part of phys. ed so I know it's not impossible. I see some websites of women that have lost a lot of wt and have become runners or are doing tri's. One you may want to check out for success story is ''. I'm not sure I can make the giant leap it would take. I'm nervous just thinking about it. Anyway, just venting a little tonight, post is all scrambled...thoughts everywhere but too tired to fix it! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Had a chance to try yoga again today. I did it a while back in NM and it was good. This class at the gym is called power yoga. It was an all level class but a lot harder than the one I took before. I like the low lights, the candle, but some of the calming or meditating talk is kinda funny if you are not used to it. You try to do a lot of breathing to calm you and your supposed to let all your stresses and thoughts go. That wasn't too hard but I wasn't calm, I was thinking 'I am doing this pose right?' and 'gee, that lady can stretch like a pretzel'. But all in all it was a good stretching routine and a little abs and lt weights so think I'll try that once a week. At the end she was like 'we welcome the newcomers and hope they will return'. Another lady and I were new to her class and it felt a little weird like we were in a commune or something. Probably just the new-agey talk. It does make you feel pretty good after, like you've accomplished something. Anybody else tried it and do you like it? How often do you do yoga, once a week?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes!!! Numbers on scale going down!!!

Yes!!! Lost -2.6 this week.....takes me to the elusive 35.2 lost so far!!! The 35lb. mark is the most I've ever lost on ww before, once in 1998 and then never went back after a vacation. Of course it was a lot smaller then (think got down to 173 or something) but this time I'm not quitting!! I think what did it was being stricter about my food choices and counting points every day and the 6 days of exercise I did. I wasn't going to have no loss again as I really look forward to seeing those number go down. We did get out and bike yesterday and got in 16 miles. That was hard for me but not for my husband who was also pulling our child on the 1/2 bike. He's a very strong cyclist but they went slower for me. It is a nice ride up by a river in a town called Orting and it is 8 miles with a slight uphill grade in places but then the 8 miles back seems like mostly downhill with a few level spots. We've done this ride before but it had been quite a while. Well, the lady at ww was talking about evaluating your week. Like if you had no loss what you could have done better or is it just wt fluctuation; and if you lost more than 2lbs. she waid that the max fat loss is 2 lbs and the rest is water wt. I suppose that's true. Then what about in the first few weeks when you lose like 4 or 5 a week, I guess some of it is water. My Bio. teacher was saying we had like a lot of water wt that could be lost in our bodies if we had a hard workout or cut our food intake down dramatically so I guess they are saying the same thing. Yeah, it's a bummer that we can't lose 3 plus pds every week but slower is better I know. The wt loss has really slowed down to like a pound or pound 1/2 a week when I really do the program. I think when I push it like this week with exercise then I'll see a little bigger losses. I'm going to try it again this week but I do have a busier week due to starting night school tonight but I'll try my best. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Went to a play yesterday, 'bombay dreams', and it was ok and then a concert - John Mayer/Sheryl Crow. The concert was great - I especially liked Sheryl Crow, she put on an awesome show. Just a little political stuff in there but such as why our military presence is in some countries but not others, such as african ones that have had genocide and starvation issues. We all know the answer to that....oil!!! If we could all just go to electric cars (maybe someday) then we can quit depending on the oil countries! She had a lot of quotes up for peace and quotes from various past presidents and famous people but has peace really got a chance in this world? It my view, I think not really. There will always be conflict. I just hope we don't all kill each other or kill the planet in the next 100 years! Ok, maybe that's a little pessimistic but it's how i'm feeling at the moment on the subject. Anyways, the music was great and she ended it with 'been a long time since I rock n rolled'. Is that an old Zepplin tune? Anyway, on the diet front, I mean healthy eating front, it is going well. Had a salad and a lowfast taco yesterday and had to have a bit of my friend's kettle corn, but not too much so I'm hoping wi will be good. Today, I will try to go out for a bike ride later as it's going to be in the 70's today and rain is nowhere to be seen! Have a good week.

Friday, September 22, 2006

exercise and mood

I have exercised 5 times this week, Monday-Friday, so happy about that. I will not tomorrow as I have a busy day with a play and a concert. Hopefully on Sunday we will all go for a bike ride as it's been a while since we have. My bike needs a little work but maybe my hubby can fix it as he's into bikes. We have a 1/2 bike that by dh (dear husband) can hook to his and we can take our 5 yr old and actually get in a long ride. My son can pedal too or just coast along. I was in a cruddy mood this morning cause I slipped down the stairs a little and caught myself so not sure why the bad mood. But got out to exercise later and my mood was better again. So really enjoying the mood boost exercise can give me. I'm going to stay on the ww program this weekend even though I will be eating out a little. I want that Monday weigh in to be good after busting my butt this week! I was going to go swimming today but forgot the suit so I did the track/walking and elliptical. Maybe I'll try aqua aerobics next week and definitely will try yoga as I liked it. They call it power yoga and said all levels welcome so I'll see what that is all about. Here's a little joke....hope everyone is doing well this day at a time.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Looks like scale going down...

I don't weigh in till Monday but got on the scale today and down like 3. The scale has never gone down to 209 in years (fun to see) and that would be like 211 on the ww scale. That would be so cool though I know better than to count now as by Monday it could be pre-menstrual and then the wt goes up again. I have been exercising like mad as I have more free time this week as my son has started up preschool so decided since home was 25 min. away then I will go to the gym every single day during the week. We did splurge and go the county fair again but we concentrated on the rides and sights to see and not on the food and I am proud to say no dessert and hardly any junk food. That's a feat for me. I was thinking about this, I remember in years past, it seemed I couldn't wait to eat this and that fattening food at the fair. Food was all consuming. Now, it seems at this moment it is not. I can take it or leave it on most days. Being healthy is winning out. I hope I can keep that state of mind. Going on the rides, yikes, most make me sick now! Especially the spinning bear ride! I remember I used to go on any and all rides when I was young and loved them. Now I feel like like up-chucking but wanted to have some fun w/ my son. On another note....exercise.....Question for you all....what exercise do you do and how often to you change your workout routine to keep it from becoming boring? Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Santa fe pics

Had trouble posting photos so I'll try a few here. These are of the usual NM architecture and the St. Asissi Church. The photos on the previous post are of an Taos Indian Pueblo and La posita spa where we had the yoga and massage.

quote and also some pics of New Mexico

What do you think of this quote 'living an unfulfilled life is a big part of maintaining the destructive habits that hold obese people back'. Mmmmm. I saw it on the fatmanwalking website. I've read his web/blog for quite a while now since he walked across american to lose some weight and to find some happiness. Look like he is on the verge of another journey and this time around the world. So, hope he finds what he is looking for but I couldn't leave my family for that amount of time. And what do they always say, something like, 'when you go looking for happiness elsewhere, it was always right at home' or something like that. Well, the unfulfilled part, maybe that could be true for me. It seems I put some things on hold while taking care of family or letting my hubby go after his dreams. It's something I've thought about and continue to think about. Maybe this could have been what caused me to keep gaining wt every year. Anyway, I have a few pics of New Mexico so I'll attempt to post them here. Some didn't turn out too well because of the crappy camera (my hubby had the digital) and all the sunny/shady areas. Have a good week.

Monday, September 18, 2006

forgot to mention...saw Shirley MacLaine

Hey, I forgot to mention my big star siting in Santa Fe! We were at the movie last Thursday and saw Shirley MacLaine. I like her alright, loved her in Terms of Endearment but my mom was star struck and there was like no one else at the theatre and we just kinda stared at her and then we she and a blond haired lady (maybe a daughter?) went into 'little miss sunshine' movie. We were going to another movie (scoop) but mom wanted to switch to that movie. And I was like "what are you gonna do, stare at the back of her head"? They were the tiniest 30-40 seat theatre's. Weird but did know she was into the new age/spiritual lifestyle so that makes sense. Just surfed the net and she does live there part time! We just left her alone, I mean what are you gonna say anyway, they deserve their privacy.


Maintaining my weight this week. I pretty much figured I wouldn't lose cause I was on vacation and didn't watch what I ate as much and drank a little. I'm happy with the maintain cause it's what I expected. This week I'll try to kick it up a notch and get in some weight loss. I'm having trouble with my ankle at times though. I can walk and exercise some but if I hit it the wrong way like today getting out of the car, it feels just like a sprain again. So still doing baby steps, I guess, until it heals all the way. I do want to start seeing consistant losses again on the scale. I just haven't been that motivated lately. I'm not quitting, I'm just slowing down I guess. I'm starting to feel some stress from a few things going on in my life and one of them college starting up but I will do my best this week. I will post some pics of Santa Fe when I get them back if anything turns out good. Also, get to go to a concert this weekend....Sheryl Crow and John Mayer. I've like Sheryl Crow for a long time so it will be nice to go to that with some of my old high school girlfriends. We are way back in the lawn section (it's an outdoor theatre) so I'm hoping for no rain like we have been having up here in the Seattle area. Hope everyone is doing well this week on their healthy lifestyle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Santa Fe was awesome

I haven't posted in a while cause I've been out of town since Wednesday. Had a great time down in Santa Fe, NM! Weather was in the 70's. I've never been to NM but been to Arizona quite a bit. It seems similar in landscape to Phoenix and Tucson area but a lot higher elevation. We did a lot of looking around the plaza and looking at all the shops. Got quite a bit of silver and turquoise jewelry, went a little crazy w/ getting the earrings, cool bracelet, ring, necklace but it was really good prices. The local indians sell a lot of the jewelry for really great prices and we'll see if it tarnished or if it's real silver! There are lot of great art galleries and they have this one street called Canyon that has an art walk and it goes on forever. I do like some art and I loved the old stucco type houses and great gardens and the architecture. Another day we did a private yoga class and a great massage! My first massage and I don't know why I've waited so many years to try it, it was awesome! And then we went to the Taos Indian Pueblo's and learned a little bit of the Indian history and went to Chimayo. Chimayo is a little church where thousands of people have visited near and far and some (they say) have been cured of their illnesses. Here's a link if your interested in it Anyway, the trip was good, and we did walk a lot but sadly ate too much mexican/southern food cause couldn't resist the local cuisine. So back to the ww wagon tomorrow and looking like a maintain if not a gain. It's so much easier to be on program at home and I will do better this week. I just didn't want to count points when I was on vacation and feeling ok with that decision cause I know I can do this! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my picture

Finally figured out how to put my picture up on the blog. Now maybe someday I'll figure out how to do a web page and some progress photos. Baby steps I guess!

Nice quote

'It's not what you did, it's what you do from here'. I like this quote, it is from Shana on the ww boards and she got it from a ww leader. I'll try to keep that mantra in my mind. It seems to apply to me today. We left early today to go to my son's annual doctor's appt. and we didn't have time to eat so afterwards we went out to eat breakfast (a rare thing) as he has his 5 yr old shots and wasn't feeling his best. I didn't study the menu beforehand and I made a lousy choice w/ the ham n cheese omelette, w/ hashbrowns and toast! I didn't eat the whole thing but prob. 3/4 and immediately felt guilty about it. I hate that. Cause I really didn't know how many calories or points it was and I will just have to guess high. We then went to the gym and I worked out hard for an hour so feel like I did some damage control. I just get bummed that sometimes this healthy lifestyle change seems like it is coming natural to me and then other times it's like my old self of eat anything I want, who cares about the fat content. Arrrggghhhh. I know this will be an ongoing challenge for me. It can fit the program if I know how many pts. the meal is and how many flex points I need to use and treat myself to something real good once in a while. I wish I could just be that person who loves to eat carrots and celery and lean chicken but I still crave the regular restaurant food once in a while. I'm a little worried about my 5 days I'll be out of town. I will pack my pria's bars and anything else I can to have so low pt snack foods. I really want to keep on the program and keep losing. I love to chart my weight and see a loss for the week but I'm noticing myself slip a little and just go down a little on some weeks. I hope I can get my motivation back because it isn't nearly as strong as before. Hope everyone is doing well this week.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Off the plateau

I'm off the plateau and down -1.4 today so I'm happy w/ that! Guess it really wasn't a plateau at all but maybe a bad few days around labor day. I really tried to exercise the last few days to make up some ground even though I was a slow walker due to the ankle. It must have made a difference. It's amazing how no loss or a setback can really mess with my head and make me wonder if I can do this wt loss journey. Of course I can, I just have to keep on going and it will come off! It sure comes off faster if I'm totally on program and don't use all my flex points. I'm going out of town this week for 5 days to Santa Fe, NM so I'm going to try to be vigilant and not go off the program. I'm saving my flex points for one nice meal out. The other days, I'll just eat lowfat though I know it's hard to track the pts values on vacation and in restaurants in general. Think I will try to look up some that are close my the area if I can. I wish we stayed w/ the original idea which was go to a diet spa. Then I wouldn't have any problem losing! My mom is not a big eater and she is going with so I will follow her lead and not finish my food like she always does. Hope everyone is doing well this week.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

trying to practice patience and interesting tv show

I'm up surfing around the net at wt loss blogs. But now I'm addicted and have like 30 on my favorites list and it takes so much time to visit them all! I'm always on the lookout for some interesting reading and some motivation and hearing what works for others and how they are doing on their wt loss journeys. Like I've said this week, seems I'm in a maintaining state which isn't so bad given the alternative of gaining. I wi tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. I walked like 3 plus miles today even though my ankle is giving me some trouble but I'm tired of waiting on it and want to get this flab off! Was looking at the public tv station here, think it's ktbs and they had a guy on there w/ a book called 'kiss the fat goodbye' or something like that. I only caught a few minutes of it and one thing he said that struck me was that he believes (not sure if he has research on this) that artificial sweeteners and caffeine both cause depression and if he had his way they would be outlawed in the US. Wow, it just kind of got to me. Could this be true? Is my diet coke habit a cause for my periods of unhappiness. God, I have been drinking the stuff for 20 plus years. I always thought they'd find some research that will say, this stuff will kill you. I really have tapered off and went to caffeine free diet coke and have been drinking lots of water on ww diet but I haven't kicked the habit. Of course, when I'm out at a restaurant and order a diet coke I'm sure it's got all the caffeine in it. I'm not a coffee drinker so at least I'm not getting an overload of caffeine. I remember a long time ago (when I drank caff. diet coke) I would get headaches when I tried to limit my consumption of the stuff and I was just thinking, this is not good! I really have been trying to eat healthy and cut out any trans fat cause I know they are bad for you and in just about anything prepackaged. Trying to stay w/ the fruits and vegetables and lean protein and whole grains and brown rice, etc. Trying to stay away from the white breads and rice but I do love potatoes once in a while. I don't want to cut out potatoes cause I figure if you love them, why live w/out them. I will just limit them and have them just once in a while and at home where I can control how much fat they have in them. I really have given up french fries in the restaurants, I know how bad they are for you and I'm not craving them. I still have the cravings for pizza once in a while but try a lean cuisine or other and it seems to keep the craving at bay. Goodnight all.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Did well at the fair

I was determined to stay on program at the state fair today. I knew all the scones, huge burgers, fries, ice cream, candy, etc. would be there to tempt me. I had a Krusty pup (corn dog) and later for dinner a bbq sandwich so all in all that wasn't a bad day for me. Usually, in past years I'd hit the elephant ears stand or ice cream plus scone or other treats. The ww leader actually said the corn dog was 6 pts so not too bad. We did do a lot of walking but my ankle is still bothering me and swelled up. It pissing me off that this ankle just won't behave and go back to normal! I've gotten so used to walking or working out 4x per week that I feel bad now that I'm not doing as much. I couldn't even go the Y, my gym, as they had it closed as the pool and gym are being redone. What am I paying them for, the gym has closed all week! I did get over to a different Y in a nearby city and got in a little elliptical the other day and walking but I'm not up to par. My hubby is doing his last mini triathalon tomorrow. We will attempt to get up and go and watch him. Those darn races are always at like 7 or 8am and of course not close by. It's hard to get my son up and out the door that early but we will try. Well, we'll see what Monday brings as far as any weight loss but I feel I'm just in the maintaining zone right now due to not being able to exercise very much for very long. It's just a small blip in the long road ahead.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

maintaining, went to meeting

Decided I really needed a ww meeting due to being off track this past weekend. Was down only -.2 lb and was surprised I hadn't gained. I have been on track the last 2 days so that may have helped in damage control. The meeting was about getting back to basics and what tools do you need to succeed, so that was good. I need to go back to tracking the points consistantly and start to make ww meals from the recipe books to add more variety. Seems if I eat the same food over and over I get bored. And when I get bored, there's a tendency not to do the program as well as I can. I did really good over the summer so not sure why I'm losing focus now. We tracked from 5/31 to present (for a summertime challenge) and I have lost 22 lbs since then and that's not too shabby. I wasn't trying to lose a certain # of pounds, just tried to stay on the program week to week. I've decided if I miss a week or if it's closed on a Monday, I will just go a different day matter what. If I gain, so what? It's better than missing and then gaining, and then being ashamed of gaining and then eventually quitting after missing a few meetings. Well, that has been a pattern in my past that I'm determined to change this time. Goodnight all.

article about weight loss and other thoughts

Check out this article called 'A crash course on weight loss: 6 steps at It is interesting to see this spin on why people can't or don't lose weight. They say we are 'first: You are often afraid of life. The second: You often think and feel that you are inadequate to deal with life.' Well, I'm not sure I agree totally with that but I do agree with the part in the story about using food to deal with stresses in life. I like to surf the net and find info about weight loss or healthy eating and I get these newsletters about these subjects. I guess I feel if I read everything I can it will make me succeed this time and it also gives me motivation to keep going. Well, I'm back on the eating healthy wagon and it's going fine. Didn't make it to ww yet but may today but now afraid not that I've gotten mostly over my chest cold, now my son is coming down with it so may not be getting out much. One piece of good news, I'm getting to go to Santa Fe, NM next week with my mom. We were supposed to go to a diet spa or something last year when I hit my milestone bday (40) yikes! So we are finally off and though it was booked kinda last minute and not staying at a spa we will get a massage somewhere. Do you believe I've never had a professional massage! I think it has to do with my weight and body image and just being a modest person in general. Neither of us has been to NM so this will be fun. I keep having dreams of Hawaii and going there....(think it's calling me cause I haven't been in a long time!) but NM will have to do. Hope everyone is doing well this week.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Off the wagon

Disappointed in myself for this past weekend. Too much crap food, didn't track my points and ate too much. It didn't help that I knew I wouldn't weigh in on Monday due to the holiday. 3 days off track. So I am back on track today and hopefully I can get with the program again. I did do some long walks so I'm hoping the damage won't be much next week. The bad thing is though we were walking on uneven surfaces and I twisted my ankle. So no I am out of commission for a few days for walking. Maybe I'll try some swimming this week as that would be easier on it. It is stupid to try to maintain my usual pace with a swollen ankle. So I will slow down and work on the diet this week. Ok, not the four letter word, diet, I will work at eating healthfully this week. I had a feeling my bad mood last week would end up with me not caring what and how much I ate over the last 3-4 days but oh well. I decided to forgive myself and move on. No more quitting and saying I can't do this lifestyle change because I can I have been the last 4 months. I'm giving myself a pep talk here to get back on track. I'm going to make mistakes on the this journey but you have to get right back on the horse or is it the wagon. I think I will go to ww meeting today or tomorrow just for the meeting and maybe need to hear some positive reinforcement as it might help. Hope everyone survived the weekend, why does our family turn it into a eating weekend?