Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from vacation

We are back from our mini vacation over the mountains to eastern Washington. We had fun camping by Lake Chelan and then went over to Winthrop to my sister's cabin. The first few days were really hot, close to 100 degrees (F) and we got a lot of sun but then it cooled way down to the 80's and then the 70's and got a lot of rain in Winthrop. (Here's a few pics of camping, swimming and of Winthrop....I mostly just took pics of my boy....funny how I never get in the photos...ha!)

My son's 7th birthday was the other day so we opened a few gifts and did some things he wanted to do such as putt-putt golf and went out to dinner. We are having a kid party here in 2 days and they will go to a gymnastics gym and jump around so that should be fun for him.

My son is quite the water bug and we went swimming all the time. He said I was the hero of the day when I dove down 25ft to retrieve a boat paddle someone lost. Guess I still have some free diving skills...ha. Made me remember the scuba diving days and the days of also snorkeling and free diving and seeing how long you could last underwater on one breath. We got some sun and I got a little burnt but not too bad. How I miss the our weather is iffy around here. I hope the summer weather isn't quite over yet.

My hubby did something to the computer when he tried to download something and now the computer keeps popping up messages and is running really slow. I was amazed I could still get on the internet. I guess a trip to the computer shop is in order. I really hate it when the computer does this. We have the antivirus software but it seems it can't protect us from everything.

My intership is done for the summer so that is a big relief. Now I'm just getting ready for him to go to school and doing the yearly dentist and doctor's visits. I really wanted to stay an extra day on vacation but I knew I had things waiting for me back home. Got the post vacation blues today, I guess. ha. Hope you are all doing well and hope to get around to see what you all are up to!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

just feeling burned out

Sorry! Haven't been around the blogosphere much. I've been overworked and underpaid and too damn tired. Oh yeah, I don't get paid as I'm an intern. sucks. I am learning new things about xray and fluoro (barium studies, injections and the like) so that's all good. Maybe I'll get a bit of money this fall when I can work a little if I can fit it in with all the studying/school and interning.

I'm just counting down one more week till I get a break and then I will go camping like I talked about last time. I've been filling my extra time at night with getting a birthday party planned for my son and filling out paper and the like for his new school and daycare this fall. I'm really gonna miss the Christian school he was going to last year....he really learned a lot. So on to 1st grade at the public school and hope he likes it.

We did go to my parent's cabin last weekend but I forgot to take photos. I'm so slack lately. My hubby did do a race down there so here's a pic of him and our son so at least I remembered the camera then. My hubby wouldn't like this pic as he's acting goofy for sure. Oh well, don't think he reads this blog.

I'll try to take some photos when we do our camping trip. I like when you all take photos of where you go or what you do so I'll try to share.

We have our 17th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!!!'s a wonder we made it this far. Ha! No, just kidding. Maybe we'll go out to dinner somewhere but no big plans just to spend time with our son as he's been at Grandma's a lot.

Tell me what you are up to out there....and I'll get to your blogs here this weekend....and take care.

P.S. Anybody got any remedies for heel pain? I know it's from working on my feet full time and I'm trying different shoes but no luck so far. Anybody have ortho inserts made and do they work? I may have to go to the foot doctor as it doesn't seem I'm going to drop 50 pounds real quick. ha.

Another note!!! Does anyone know what happenned to Amanda from Australia and living in the Netherlands (I think) from 'what about your hips' blog?? Maybe she went private or doesn't blog anymore?? Miss that girl and if you are reading.....tell me how you are doing!!