Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Passed the test

Yeah, passed my big radiology test last week and got licensed to practice xray as well as surgery and fluoroscopy so real happy that I passed on the first try. It was hard but not as hard as I thought it would be. Now, the task is trying to find a job in this economy. I can't believe how tight the job market is....even for healthcare. I did have one interview and have a second one this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. It would mean a move for us and prob. selling the house. It's a tough decision but I need to make some money and soon. The hard part is that I'm competing with friends from school for the job as we are all looking at the same few jobs. Oh well, what are you gonna do? We just wish each other well.

I continue to look all over the state for work and hopefully something will pan out. I hate the rejection you get....now it's via email too....ha....I guess that's painless compared to in person.

I'm still on the wt loss wagon but have been up and down a few pounds. I will weigh in tomorrow and should have a loss. Well, not many followers left to this blog, I think. I'm sporadic in my posting, that's for sure and just not into it that much but I keep hanging on a bit. I'm still following a few of you but every so often and I'll try to check out your blogs later this week. I hope you are all well in you corner of the world and take care.