Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad blogger

Yeah, I know....I'm a bad blogger. I really haven't been into the blog world for some time. But....I miss you guys that I've come to know thru the blogs.

Nothing too exciting happening in my's school, school school. I'll be done with the quarter on June 8th so I'm looking forward to having 10 days off. My classwork will be done and all I have to do is my hospital work this summer and of course, pass the boards/big test at the end. Things are going well, I'm just tired of the school. Unfortunately, the job market is really tight and no job lined up for after summer yet but maybe something part time will come along. Everyone else in my class is in the same boat though a few are working part time.

I went to the play Grease last weekend. It was pretty good as I always did enjoy that movie. Of course, no one lives up to John Travolta. They had Taylor Hicks (from american idol) sing the 'beauty school drop out' song and he was good. We got up close to him after the show and he is a lot cuter than he looked on tv. My friend got a picture of him so that was cool.

I have been thinking a lot about my yo yo ing up and down in weight. I think I'm ready to tackle starting to lose weight again starting in June. I'm not sure if I am going the weight watchers route or on my own but summer with me working/intering so much would be a good time to start. I'm tired of the way I look, that's for sure!! It would be one thing if I was fat and happy but I am not.

Spring has finally arrived around here and we're having some 70 degree days which is awesome for our state. I need to to out an enjoy it. I'll visit the blogs soon and hope you are all doing well!

P.S. Hey Roly Poly man aka.....spider....what happened to ya??? I see you have a private blog now....what's up? Give me a comment if you are around.