Sunday, August 26, 2007

bday party and off on a plane again

We had a good time at my son's bowling birthday party. He was feeling better so the party went on. Here's a picture of him having a good time and also one of him getting ready for cake. You can't see him too well (by me) as the neighbor kid Jonathan was in the way. Mostly the party was 5 and 6 year old's but our neighbor kid (who is 10) wanted to come. We had a good time, they kids and my hubby bowled and I just chatted with friends and family. They had up the bumpers on the alley so the kids didn't have to get gutter balls.

It was fun but I was exhausted last night as I have been living on 3-4 hours sleep due to my insomnia. So I zonked out last night and feel pretty good today. But, I have been having a weird pain in my left shoulder and in my arm. Can't decide if I pulled a muscle or irritated a nerve as I've had the pain since Wednesday so I don't think it's from the race. My mom is like 'maybe it's your heart, don't fly tomorrow!' But it feels a lot better today so prob. just something pulled.

Here's some article from sparkpeople if you don't use that site that are a bit interesting:

and the articles are about planning ahead and also about doing exercise to make you feel better.

There also was one about a lady who made a weight loss journal complete with pictures of before and after and her thoughts at each stage of the weight loss. Like a scrapbook. I guess that is a little like we already do here with our blogs but in an online form.

I hope you all are having a good week and I'm happy to say the scale is finally going down and am at 206 and down -2. We'll see if that holds up for my weigh in on Friday as I will weigh in late this week due to visiting my friend for a few days. I'm leaving tonight so I will check back in with you guys on Friday. Take care.


Chris H said...

Good luck with your visit to Dawn, I admire you for being there for your friend, knowing it will be a difficult visit and all. Your wee man looks so happy, such a lovely boy.

"the captain" said...
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Christine said...

Congrats on your weight loss! 2 pounds is a huge accomplishment! Good for you!!!

The part looks great and the cake looks even better. I love your blouse - had been looking for something like that. :)

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn trolls...I can't even log in right now. It keeps all changing and stuff. I'm am very tired and have been for the last three days. Maybe I should hang it all up and cancel the site. Most of my family feels that I should just take some time off of work and relax a bit. While others have been just plain using me. Where is Lord Mongo? Please let me know.
I'm THE CAPTAIN of this ship, I reckon.
Have a great week and please keep me updated at all times, of ANY trolls sent out by Lord Mongo.


celtic_girl said...

Happy Birthday to your son.

Your doing the right thing by visiting Dawn, I'm sure she will get comfort and support from you by being there. Your other friend "vet" sounds like she has a problem dealing with Dawn's illness hence why she dosen't want to go and feels guilty over it.

Look after yourself, I will be thinking of you and Dawn over the next few days.

Spidey said...

You are a great friend. Your love will transcend everything.

A two pound loss is great! Wonderful week! Closing in on the milestone!

"The Captain" said...

For the record I don't post anonymously. Although I probably will be ending my site soon.
You and Dawn will be in my prayers.

Tully said...

Looks like fun! What a gorgeous little boy.

Congrats on the loss, you are so close to being under 200!

Take care of yourself, sounds like you are going through a tough time. Hugs. :-)

Meow Meow said...

Congrad on the 2 pound loss. It really is a feat. Be proud!!

Looks like bowling was fun. I have always enjoyed it, but never have any friends that have been big fans....

TrixieBelden said...

Thanks for sharing those Spark People articles they really hit home :)

celtic_girl said...

Congrats on the two pound loss