Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weigh in and body image

The weigh in for today is a big, fat 0. So it's disappointing that I had no loss but good that I had no gain. My scale just weighs in .5 increments. Oh well, in review of the week I didn't do as well as usual. I did exercise 4 days a week but I did go out to eat at least 3 times, probably more. I had Thai on my anniversary (too much), we had salad and pizza last night though I did just have a little pizza and I ate my mom's delicous dinner at the cabin this week. Ok, don't want to think about this more....on to next week and have the race this weekend so I'm hoping for a good loss next week.

Today's topic is 'How are you with your body image?' I was thinking about this today as I am going to an outdoor pool with a friend. I'm already thinking..... Uggghhh. Gotta show my chubby thighs and tummy. And have to sit next to my slim, 120 pounder, asian friend. Last time I was at the pool I just let it all hang out and just happened to be sitting by a 125 lb. aquaintance (mommy) from the preschool. This lady is in her 30's I think and has it going on. I mean, she has that nice, fit body. And likes to show it off. She exuded confidence to the point of being arrogant. I let it all hang out too cause does it doesn't make sense to be wearing shorts when you are in and out of the water. God, I can't wait till a summer (hopefully next) when I won't feel awkward about my body. It sucks and I'm sick of it! Ya hear me body! Fat, your are leaving my body each week and I don't want you back!!!!

I really want to get back to losing at least a pound a week. I have 57.5 more pounds that I want to lose and who knows if I'll want to lose more. At my usual speed of .5lb lost per week this will take me 2 years! I've already been on the diet wagon for over a year. I really would like to be at goal a year or so from now so I need to get my butt into gear. The exercise is great but the food can use a lot of tweaking! So, today I will try to get in my fruit and veggies. I have really been slacking on getting in my veggies. Also, I will work on drinking more water this week as I'm not the best about that. I will buy some flavored water as I drink a lot more of that than just plain ole water.

I found a nice weight loss success story at She lost wt on wt watchers and I like her site in that it is excesssive. I mean, this lady has done her work. Not only documenting pictures of her progress, but journaling food and taking pictures of the food she makes! I'm going to borrow some of her recipes as she makes healthy eating look good! She also details her pictures of her tummy tuck after losing the weight. The only drawback to the site is all the ads/advertising she has on her site. I really don't believe in all the diet pills and other fads out there. But, I can understand wanting the money to fund all her work.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Anonymous said...

at least you didnt gain. just think about one day at a time.

i looked at that sight, it's a great story, i guess i think of people like dietgirl when i think of huge weight loss, she's lost 180 lbs and it's taken 6 years... amazing.

here's hoping ww can keep me back on track.


Christine said...

Happy to hear you didn't gain as well. Sounds like you had a great week though - so thats a bonus.

I would love to lose a pound a week as well. That should be a given goal for us. Anything above and beyond that is bonus. I have been pounding back the water too - Crystal Lite Lemon Lime has become a new friend of mine. 10 calories per 500mls. So it works for me, plus I feel like I am getting a sweet treat. Water always tastes better when it doesn't taste like water, haha.

I would love to run around next summer in strappy tank tops. You know the ones that show too much skin?? :)

Take care.

Chris H said...

You do know that slow and steady will get you there eventaully eh? And it will stay off!!! So hang in there, you CAN DO IT girl!

Meow Meow said...

Arrogant people suck, no matter how GOOD they look.

No gain is always a good thing!
I'd be so happy!

Kim said...

Don't beat yourself up - maintaining is NOT a bad thing!! :) I bet you are actually down some, but you're scale just isn't reading small enough increments to show it.

Keep up all of the great work that you are doing!

Tully said...

Good work on not gaining! Sounds like you have had a busy week. It can really feel like progress is too slow sometimes, it gets frustrating. As long as the scale keeps going down you will be ok. :-)

By the way- I love the photo of you and your friend a couple of posts below. You look radiant!

"The Captain" said...

Although a goose egg is better than a gain, it still sucks. Hopefully we will both go back in the red. In business that is a bad thing, but in weight loss it is the golden egg!!!

celtic_girl said...

At least it was not a gain. And yes, I agree with Chrsi "slow and steady" wins the race.

Good luck with the tri.

Kathy said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog and Looks like you have come a long way toward your goal with that weight loss and your exercise routine sounds amazing. If you read very far back in Roni's blog, you'll see that reaching goal is just the beginning of the journey. She still struggles and her journal reflects how she meets the same temptations and "down" times the rest of us do. I'm not into all the "commercialization" you see at some sites, either, but her site is definitely worth the ads and they are easy to ignore.
Have a great weekend!

Half Man said...

I hear you about the body image. I could never understand why fat, obese men would walk around at the beach or elsewhere without a shirt. I would never do that. Once I lose the weight I will, but I don't want to gross other people out...except on my blog (hehe).

Christie said...

I know it can be frustrating how slowly this goes but slow is good, I swear! You will be so grateful for it when you reach your goal and you aren't flabby!

I say so what if it takes 2 years? You will be so much more likely to stay that way the rest of your life then and isn't that better than getting it all off in 6 months and then yo-yoing for another 5 years?

You are someone I think is REALLY doing this, and even if it feels slow, you are doing it right, and you will reap the benefits!