Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weigh in and bad news about my friend Dawn

My weigh in for today is 208! Yuck, up a 1/2 a pound! Farkety, fark, fark. Suck, suck, suck. I'm not sure what is going on. I did exercise a lot and did that race last week! But, my food hasn't been totally stellar I guess or else I'm just pms'ing and bloating a bit. My weight loss challenge isn't going as well as expected! Weight loss doesn't seem important to me at the moment because of my friend Dawn.

I did stress eat a little yesterday as when I called my friend Dawn (the one who has cancer) to tell her I sent her about an email I sent about the race as she wanted to see the pics. Anyway, she was crying and saying she was in pain. I couldn't tell all that she said as she's on meds. So, it seems the beginning of the end has started. It just tears me apart. I guess the doctors weren't right when they gave her 6 mo. to live. It's only been 3 months. I talked to her today and have been doing a lot of crying and she said 'when are you coming down?'. I didn't know she wanted me to come but I will be there. So I will go Monday and stay till Thursday (or more). She has family and a friend over till Sunday. So, I hope she isn't too bad and will be able to communicate with me. She has the hospital bed put in today to sleep downstairs and has some strong meds today and an I.V. So if it is anything like my aunt or my grandma that died it could be down to 2 weeks left or who knows?

I talked to her close friend down in vegas and she said 'well, you can come now and watch her sleep or come to the funeral'. I didn't like the sound of that. So I will go. She means so much to me and I'm going to be there for her like I always have been. It sucks but I gotta stay strong for her. I hope some more of her family from up here in Washington can be there for her. Her dad won't come, he has a wife (dawn's stepmother) who has alzheimers so he doesn't travel. Her sis will be there and I hope one of her brothers will come. It sounds like her husband is trying to be there for her. He is a very selfish person in the past but it sounds like he is working less hours to help out. I'm sure he is in pain too but doesn't show it. She does have help with a nanny/housekeeper to help with her daughter and I'm sure a nurse is involved from time to time at this point.

Lord, give me strength to be there for her as I am beside myself at the moment. But, I know I am strong. I can do this.

In other news, I am still exercising and ran today and felt pretty good and did some weights. I needed to get some stress release and running does that for me. My boy is excited as he got a new bike for his birthday so we will ride together in a bit. They sure have good prices on kids bikes these days. I'll check on you all soon and see how you are doing this week.


Kim said...

Dear Patty - I will be keeping you and Dawn in my prayers. I know that she will be comforted knowing that you are there for her.

Christie said...

There's nothing I can say to make this any better, I know that. But I do want you to know I'm here :)
If you ever need a friend, you can call me. Just email and I'll give you my #. I listen lots, and don't push any advice :)

As for your weigh-in, don't give it a second though. Pushing yourself through the tri, who knows how your body would react to that, probably muscle weight you gained and who knows what else. It'll even out in a week or two and you'll see those results.

I'm so proud of you :)

Christine said...

My thoughts are with you right now. That's so hard.

You have to be the best friend that you can. She is going to be thankful for each minute you can be there with her. Be thankful that you have time to be with her - those who lose their friends and family suddenly and never did get to say goodbye.

Sorry that you are hurting.

Marshmallow said...

I'm thinking of both you and Dawn - enjoy every precious moment that you have with her :-) {{{HUGZ}}}

Anonymous said...

hey Patty,

my thoughts are with you all, i know how difficult it is to watch someone with cancer - especially at the end. don't forget that you don't have to be strong all the time, let Dawn know that what you are feeling too.

as for your friend, i have on up friends too and i try not to have anything to do with them now. life is just too short for that sort of rubbish and a true friend loves you no matter what size, colour, fitness or health.

that's just my opinion anyway.

take care and be safe

pastgirl said...

You and your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers. She's lucky to have a good friend like you.

"The Captain" said...

Weight gain just happens sometimes. I am really proud of you managing your weight with all the stress of your friend. You guys are in my prayers.

Lady Rose said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.