Friday, August 10, 2007

pics and things going good

My friend Kim sent me this picture of us when we went out at the end of June. I don't remember her taking the picture and yes, we were liquored up!!! She was having a great time and I was pretending to as she was the dancing queen. She is recently divorced and is into having a good time. She makes me sick in that she is like a size 5 or 7 or something. All I know is she can wear the tight little jeans! The background look blurry, it was a dance club and my mind was blurry too. ha! Usually I don't drink much but I guess I was out of my element as I haven't been to a club in eons and I wasn't letting go of my beer, ha!

I also took a few pics of me and my son. This is a close up of my face (thinking about my anniversary maybe and feeling really tired - where is that wrinkle cream? ha!); and here is a pic of my son being goofy. Well I didn't post the other one of me w/ a full face shot but I am noticing a little less wt on my face and my chin/double chin is going away. I am noticing a slight thinning in my tummy and waist and other areas even though the wt loss is slow! Of course, my hubby says he sees a loss in my face, and upper body. I want the loss in my lower body!!! Things/clothes are loosening a bit though.

My son is getting so excited for his birthday coming up in 10 days. He will be 6. We will go to my dad's cabin tomorrow and we just picked up our nephew Lucas who will come with us. I'm bringing my bike and tri/swim gear and will plan on doing the swim and run and bike this weekend. I'm actually not really looking forward to it. I'm getting a little weary as the race is near and think I'm getting burned out. I just need to hang in there for 8 more days! I won't quit exercising after that but I will slow down a bit. I couldn't believe how sore I was after trying to increase my running a few days ago and doing weight lifting. I guess now is not the week to start increasing my lifting/weights. I need to run again but I haven't yet this week due to my calves and hamstrings barking! I mean hurting! I did get in some biking today and so that is going pretty well and inceasing my time a bit on the 12 miles.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and check in with you all soon.


S William said...

A big congrats on losing 39 pounds. We have lost the same so far. Regarding your wrinkles or bags, I have perpetual bags under my eyes that I wish would someday disappear again.

Terri said...

Very nice picture of you and your friend. Adorible I thought even though y'all may had one too many.

Your boy is very silly like the kids I see through out my family.

You will be a smaller size ( that you desire) soon!

Don't give up... You can't!!!!

Christie said...

Cute pictures!! You are definitely looking good in my opinion. I checked out that link you posted last time with the woman who lost a lost and is running tri's, well anyway I think in the face you look very much like her now that she's thin.

Your son is so cute :)

Definitely take it easy, I know you have to train some but you also need to be feeling good and rested come race time!

Kim said...

You and your little boy are both adorable!! :)

Christine said...

You look great and good for you for enjoying a good beer every now and then!

Anonymous said...

i think that photo of you is gorgeous! man you look great! not a wrinkle or bag i sight!

hope you're well and enjoyed your anniversary.

Spidey said...

Great photos! You look very thin and young in the photo with your friend. I don't recall what you have stated as your age, but you look like late twenties in the photo.

Chris H said...

Ha ha, isn't Spidey a greasy dude!!! You do look great though..... and hey, I have a name for my group "Keeping It Real" is it!