Friday, August 03, 2007

Food for thought

Been kind of in a funk lately and can't seem to shake it. Maybe it's the hormones, don't know. Did get out to see my ladies group last night and we met for drink and dinner by the Seattle waterfront. It was a nice night as the weather was great. I was worried about what food choices I would make. But, it wasn't a issue as I ate earlier in the day and then really wasn't hungry for dinner so just had a side salad, and oh yeah, 2 beers. Ha! But felt like indulging a little with all those microbrews they had to choose from.

It's good to see the ladies and talk about what each of us have going on in our lives an it helps to ease our loads I think. Better than therapy, ha. It's free therapy to be with friends. But, I also feel a little saddened when talking of Dawn and the cancer. I'm saddened that I will lose her soon and not one comes close as to the quality of friend I have in her. Ya know, just the way I can relate to her and share myself without feeling judged. The way she knows how to listen and ease my pain that I may being going through. To just feel loved as a friend, unconditionally. That's a rare find. Ugggghhh. I look to my other friends and it's hard to really open up about private stuff but we do share some. I think people are afraid to get really close and share as it makes them vulnerable. At least it is that way for me.

Anyway, as I was up late, I took a day off from working out today. I have been exercising for the last 6 days and it is time. I took my son to the movie 'underdog'. It was kinda cute but stupid too. I used to like the underdog cartoon so long ago. We then went to a local park as he loves to play at the playgrounds. Now we just ate dinner and I bought these turkey burgers from Costco. Not too bad and they are 200 calories a pattie. You doctor them up with sauces and they are pretty good and a good alternative to veggie burgers. We're trying not to eat out so much to be more healthy and to save money. We have a lot of expenses coming up with my college tuition and my son's tuition for school.

I was reading an article about junk food. It was saying how junk food is like poisoning our bodies. I guess that's true if we choose the fried, greasy stuff. But they do have some healthy choices too. It said to use food for fuel (heard this a lot from others) and I understand the concept. Use food to fuel my body so I can work out and get good results and to get healthy. But I can't just see it as fuel, I have to get enjoyment out of eating. If it was as easy as using it to fuel our bodies we might as well be robots. Ha! Ok, maybe that is extreme but it is how I feel somedays.

Not sure what else we are going to do for the rest of the weekend. We may go to my dad's cabin though the weather is cooler and in the 70's so may not feel like swimming. We thought of going to Seattle to check out the upcoming Danskin tri's route that I will have to run. But then I realized this weekend is Seafair and the Hydroraces and airplane or blue angels show so it will be a mad house in Seattle so we probably won't do that. Maybe we'll go up later this week and check out the area and then bike at Seward Park. They have a nice 3 mile loop that my son can probably do on his bike. They also have a set swim course there so I can practive my open water swim again. I have been practicing in the lake by my dad's cabin but Lake Washington (where the race is) is more murky and green goo in there so that's good to swim in it. I am getting a bit nervous as an email was just sent to me saying "16 more days to the race". Yikes, it's crunch time. But, I am just about ready. I mean ready as I'm ever going to be.

The scale seems to be going down more and may be finally getting the results I want from all the working out and eating right. But today, I wasn't totally on track. Ya know, movie popcorn and the like and little snacks here and there. It seems when I'm tired I tend to crave more crap food. So back at it for tomorrow as I want to see those results I've worked so hard for.

Here's a link to an article about fitness:
I like what they had to say about not to expect fast results.

Ok, I'll quit boring you as it seems my mind is here and there today. Have a great weekend!


celtic_girl said...

I hate those hormone heebie days where just about amything or even nothing get under your skin.Yukky!

Well done on your loss this week as well, you seem to be finding your mojo again.

christie said...

There is always so much I want to respond to from each of your posts.

I agree that being with friends is like free therapy! I am so sorry you will lose your dearest friend. Take comfort in knowing that the happiness she has brought to you, you have also brought to her, and her time here on earth will have been that much better because of YOU.

I know exactly what you mean about using food for fuel. I have heard that before and I agree it's a good thing, especially for athletes that have a specific goal... but I too MUST have enjoyment out of what I eat. If I don't enjoy it, I won't continue eating it. I guess in that sense I'd rather be fat and happy than a skinny robot-like fuel eater. LOL. But I definitely think there are ways to find a happy medium. I'm working on that right now!

Love you Patty!!!

Spidey said...

When is your next weigh in? You are so close to 200!!!!

TrixieBelden said...

I didn't realize how soon the race was, I think I've missed some of your more recent posts since I was on vacation. You sound like you are doing great. You sound ready. You must be so excited and proud of yourself!

Christine said...

Glad you had your ladies group. I think that I am in need of a ladies group, ha. Just a little bit of hen talk. :)

Happy to hear that scale is moving! Tomorrow is weigh day for me - have to paint my toe nails tonight for their big premiere on the world wide web! Blah! Take care.

Anonymous said...

hey nothing sets me off on an eating tangent more than being tired. i just go with it these days, i have to be able to function too. i work two jobs, have two children, my day starts before 6am and ends well after 11pm and hey, if i have to eat chocolate to stay awake and functioning, then that's what i do.

i try to get to bed with the boys at least once a week, so that's a 7.30pm bedtime, of course there is no promise i'll manage to sleep right through but it's worth a try!

i feel for you about your friend Dawn, i can't even imagine, don't even want to consider what it would be like.

chin up, you're working hard, a day off at the movies won't undo all you have achieved!