Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday....

Not much happening today. Oh yeah, did go out of town to the cabin and I took a picture of the lake and of the 'money pit' here as it is affectionately called! My mom and one of my nephews are on the deck. My mom is like 'what are you doing'? If I mention the blog and stuff I think she thinks I'm wacked that I communicate this way. Ha! I say I do it for the weight loss blogs and the others! It is motivating to see the progress of what others are doing and to keep me motivated too.
Anyway, Saturday the weather was fine at around 72 or something but Sunday was cold and rainy! I didn't exercise much (bad, bad) like I said I was gonna. I planned to swim on Sunday but it was darn cold and I wasn't getting in the lake, ha! My hubby says, you are gonna have to do it next week at the other lake for the race. And I know, I know. I may swim up at the other lake tomorrow and go to the pool today. I don't think I'll run anytime soon as I banged up my toe and it's bruised! Not a good time for an injury but it's minor (I hope) and will heal by the weekend. It's a bummer though.
I'm excited/nervous for the race and I have prepared a lot, well at least all I can do at this point. This can be my benchmark for future years and I will improve my times every year I hope. I want to hear the famous triathlete lady, Sally Edwards, speak on Saturday about cancer and about the race. She puts on the Danskin tri's so I hear that she does a motivating/rousing speech.
In diet news, I faltered a little on Saturday but the scales are showing the same so I'll keep up what exercise I can do and see what Wednesday's weigh in brings. I get articled all the time from 'spark people' the place where our challenge group meets/talks on the web. Here's an article about the importance of keeping a food journal
I know how important it is to keep a journal and how much more successful I could be if I did one every day. I'm just not doing it. I guess I find it a pain when we go out to eat to figure out the calories. At home it is pretty simple to figure out the calories on the things I eat daily as it doesn't vary greatly. I'll try again soon on the journaling, maybe next week. I really want the weight loss to speed up a little more instead of the turtle pace.
My mom took my boy home for an overnight so we got out to see 'The Bourne Ultimatum' and for some dinner at Red Robin's. (kind of a gourmet burger place). The movie was good and almost non stop action! Now, tonight, we may watch the video 'Little Miss Sunshine' that I've been meaning to see for ages.
Hope you all are doing well this week!!!


Christie said...

The cabin and lake look like such a nice retreat. thanks for sharing the pics! I hope your toe gets better real quick and I don't blame you at all for not wanting to jump in the freezing lake!!!

I hope we will get to see a pic of you in your cute tri outfit!!! :)

S William said...

My journal keeps me focused. It helps me remember the good that I have accomplished.

Don't you hate it when the scale refuses to acknowledge the hard work you've put in? Keeping pushing, time is your friend.

Meow Meow said...

Thank you for sharing the article. I have told myself over and over I should at least try a journal. You are pushing me in the right direction.


celtic_girl said...

The cabin look really nice. I know what you mean about keeping a journal, they do get tedious,but they are an important tool to use.Sorry you toe is injured hope it gets better in time for your tri.Happy Anniversary for last week as well.

San said...

i love the cabin, it's amazing, just do what you can exercise wise and you'll be fine. remember it's a life thing, not a time thing!

take care

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard during Little Miss Sunshine in the theater I had tears coming out of my eyes. Either you love the movie or you're all "huh?".


Christine said...

Ahh the lake looks really nice. I haven't been to a "lake" for years!

Glad you enjoyed the Bourne Ultimatum. I went with my hubby last weekend - didn't really want to. But I have to admit I enjoyed it. It was non stop and I even laughed a couple of times. :)

take care.