Friday, August 17, 2007

Butterflies in my stomach

I couldn't sleep well last night. Maybe it was the husband snoring a little but no....think it was this upcoming triathalon in 2 days! I'm so nervous about it and couldn't sleep. So what did that accomplish? Nothing! Now I'm tired today and have a ton of errands to do. I'm feeling like I'm about ready to go off the high dive with this race!

I need to pack up all my gear for the race. We are going to Seattle tomorrow so I can register for the race and go to some seminars on 'first timer's orientation' and on 'course review'. Also, I hope to score some free stuff that they always give out at these races. Then it is over to the race site to rack our bike. Since the Danskin race is so 4000 people racing they make you do all this stuff ahead of time.

Then it is over to Bellevue (just across the Lake) to stay at a hotel. My mom offered to get us a room along with them (my sisters, and neice) for sat. night. There prob. will be a lot of participants staying there too. She and my sisters will go to the concert that night 'Josh Grobin' and then get up early to watch me race. It's starts at 6:45am! Who starts a race that early! I'm not a morning person so this will be difficult for me. But my wave will prob. start after 7 or later, I'll find out tomorrow. There's really nothing I can do about the butterflies in my stomach. It may be some restless nights the next 2 nights. I have a tendency not to sleep well at hotels. I could go to the concert as she wanted me to go. My mom she just buys the tickets and didn't ask if I was a fan. He is pretty good singer though but not someone I usually listen to. I think I would rather hang out with my hubby and boy and do some swimming in the hotel pool and just go out to dinner and then try to get some rest.

I ran/walked yesterday. I did 3 miles. I am not running the whole distance but knew that it wasn't going to happen yet. I really want to continue on with the jogging in the future. Necessary evil I think. I mean, nothing gets my heart rate going faster than running. So I will keep trying to like running, Why can't I yet? I like the feeling after the run. The feeling of accomplishment. But during it, it still is sweaty torture. I'll see how the running goes on Sunday with the race. What will I do as I can't listen to my Ipod! That's what gets me going ont he runs right now. Nervous....nervous...excited. Really excited to be doing something for the first time. HOw many times can you say that? We'll see if I feel like I need to do another tri in the future. Ok, enough of that talk. I'm analyzing it in my mind, how I will do the swim, the bike, the run. Looked over the course a week ago and will hear more about it tomorrow. We'll see how I handle the few hills they have.

Other topic you ever start to feel really healthy and fitter but later (like yesterday) catch a reflection of yourself and think 'ughhh....I'm still fat and have so far to go!' It's that darn 'stinkin thinking' that gets in the way. I try to combat it my saying 'at least your are moving your butt and trying!' Ain't that the truth. We all are trying really hard to lose the lard!

Remember people were talking of that study in that if you are overweight there is a high tendency for you to have overweight family, friends or spouse that influence you? Here is one of the researchers talking about it
(Maybe a little boring video but he makes some good points)

For me, I have some overweight family members but not everyone. My spouse is thin, most of my friends are thin except for a few. Does it influence me if we are both fat? Yeah, I suppose. As I sometimes we will eat out of eat the wrong things if we are around other overweight people. I have been trying to break that bond. Trying to make it more about friendships than about eating together. Sometimes, people aren't up for what I'm offering. Like 'let's go on a walk' or 'let's go on a bike ride'. But, my spouse will if I ask him and that helps a lot. Now I have to be sure I don't pass on my love of eating fat food to my son. He already loves the chicken nuggets and is a little heavy for his age. I don't want him or I to be overweight when we are older. I want us to live as healthy and fit as we can! It is a struggle and will always be a struggle for me but I feel it's getting a little easier than it was in the beginning of this journey.

I hope everyone's weekend is good and I will check back with you on Monday and hopefully get a pic of me in the race or at least tell you how it went.


Flo said...

I was so nervous before my first tri!! I still get a little jittery before each one. Just relax, take deep breaths, and remember - HAVE FUN! That is what it's all about, fun!! It will be a fantastic experience, just enjoy.

P.S. The races here in Hawaii start at like 6 a.m. and earlier!! 6:45?!?!? I wish :)

Shannon said...

Good luck this weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

You will be nervous but once in the groove I bet you'll have a great time...


Kim said...

Best of luck to you Patty!!! You are going to be amazing!!!

Christine said...

Good luck on the race. I don't think that I would be sleeping either. It's so exciting.

And yes - although I have lost the weight that I have - I still look in the mirror and see 230lbs. Everyone sees the changes - but I still see the same reflection. My clothes fit differently, but its hard to believe some days.

But the weird thing is at the weight of 230 looking in the mirror - I didn't think that I was "that bad".

You take care - and we are all rooting for you! Good luck.

Chris H said...

GOOD LUCK FOR THE TRI mate, I am sure you will have a blast... I know you will do your best. As for how we feel when we see ourselves in the mirror.. just remember you are a work in progress and the end result is going to be BLOODY FANTASTIC! So hang in there.

Christie said...

I'm thinking about you and wishing you well for your first tri. I believe in you and I know you will exceed your own expectations of yourself. Whereas I'm silly with pride for you just trying! That's so awesome.

Best wishes Patty and can't wait to hear all about it!

Lady Rose said...

I can't wait to hear all about your race! That is so awesome. :)

San said...

i so hope you went well and enjoyed the race! nerves are normal, this is a big thing.

can't wait to hear all about it!

Meow Meow said...

Looking forward to the pics.

I hope you slept well over the weekend.

I bet you came in first place! You have the positive attitude in order to do so!

Living to Feel Good said...

As I write this, you should have completed your race. I hope it went great, and I can't wait to see pictures.

I also wanted to wish you a late happy anniversary. I didn't know your husband was from LB. That's 20 mins from me.

Can't wait to hear about your race!!