Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weigh in and running is a b*tch

Ok, weigh in for today is....only down 1/2 a pound. Puts me at 207.5. I really thought I would have a bigger loss and was showing that earlier in the week but it was my bright idea to go out for pizza last night. We were in Seattle and there is this restaurant called Tutta Bella and I had some caesar salad and 2 pieces of pizza, ok 3 but they were paper thin pieces. So maybe the salt made me retain some water. But oh well, it is going downward so I can't complain. Would like to at least make a pound a week off per week we'll see what I can do this week.

We went up to Seattle as I wanted to see the Danskin tri race course. They are already starting to set up tents and stands for the race. It is still like 11 days away but it will be a big race with like 3950 people doing it last year and not counting all the spectators. Yikes. What have I gotten myself into! A race with only 200-300 is looking more appealing at this stage. I can see myself fighting to get around on the swim and bike, arrrghggh. But, we saw some of the bike course and I see that I have to go over the big I-90 bridge with the bike so that will be interesting and go out to an island and turn around and come back for the 12 miles. Then I took a look at the 3.1mile race course and it seems way longer but it pretty flat except for a few hills. The swim course isn't set up yet but that doesn't really matter if I see that I know that we swim in a triangle shape and they will measure it will buoys around race day. We went down to Seward Park which is about a mile 1/2 from this other park where the race is and went around their 3 mile loop and rode bikes. My son liked it but he was saying "are we done yet"? every 1/4 a mile. The best part for him was the little play ground at the end of the ride. I did do a lot of exercise yesterday so I'm happy about that. Did my longest run ever at running over 2 miles and then walking about 2 more miles. I'm making a little progress on the running but I wish I made progress sooner so I could get up to that 3 miles with all running but baby steps I guess. Running is still a B*tch, pardon my french but I still loathe it and it is 'sweaty torture' but I do feel good after running and feel that endorphin high so I will try to keep on jogging even after the race.

I will go for 5 days a week exercise this week as I slowed down last weekend. They say to taper off your workouts a week before the race but not sure if I will. I mean I will not to the really long workouts but I'm not going to stop working out. I got in some leg weights yesterday and I can feel it today! I think it is the squats with weight that is making me sore or this weird machine for the calf muscle where you push your feet/ankles back and forth. I don't like that one as it seems to strain the top of my foot. I like the other calf machine I had at another gym long ago where the weight is on your shoulders and you just go up on you toes and down.

Anyway, today I'm doing a swim and do some arm weights. Now I have to hurry to get my boy up for swimming class in the morning and later he takes a fun class called 'super soaker swim camp' in the afternoons. So lots of time for me to work out which is nice.

I hope you all are having a great week and thanks for the comments about the headaches! I hope there is not a repeat of that this weekend.


Kim said...

Congrats on being down a half pound for the week!! I'd take it!! :)

Christine said...

A loss is a loss. I am sure that the pizza was just amazing though. :) :)

I was thinking the same for myself - hoping for 1 pound a week. If I get more, I will take it - but I think that 1 pound is doable.

The running thing is tough for me. My hips hurt when I do it. I was thinking about trying it again soon. Hats off to you for pushing thru it!

Christie said...

1/2 pound is nothing to sneeze at. You should be proud of yourself. You are being very consistent and that's wonderful!
I am so proud of you preparing for this race. The day you complete it I know you are going to feel SO wonderful.

TrixieBelden said...

I think it is great that you are down 1/2 a pound, but you are still enjoying life and having pizza. Best of both worlds :)

Way to go with the running. I am so impressed with people who stick to it even though it doesn't come easy. You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Every bit counts and look how close you are getting to being under 200!

Meow Meow said...

Weights and are working hard.

I wish you luck.

Good going on the loss. Every bit helps!

Spidey said...

You are so close to 199!!!!