Saturday, June 21, 2008

guard your heart and your mind

Back to the weight loss....yeah, I'm always starting again....but at least I keep trying. Here's a wt loss story to share
I would like to be like this lady....we have similar wt loss goals. I am going back to wt watchers on Monday after work. I think I'm finally ready to do this. ha.

Well, I talked a little of doing the therapy type stuff and though I don't go into a lot of details on why I feel like I need to go I'll share some from time to time. One thing I'm working on is self esteem and body image. He (therapist) was talking about some things from the bible....he's real religious...and one thing he said is 'not to sit in judgement of others' as that would be acting like God. I said I try not to judge others but I judge myself. He said we are the most critical of ourselves. He said to 'guard my heart and my mind' from negative thoughts about myself. If you hear that old familiar voice saying something negative about body size or just other things you are not liking about yourself just stop it in it's tracks. Don't let it into your heart or mind or you will poison the well. I'm sure he's talking about think positive thoughts. Say daily affirmations that are positive about yourself....keep saying them. It's that whole cognitive behaviour type stuff. I know it probably works but I seem to have trouble with this one. I was never one to put up positive signs and say them. Sure, I've put up thinner pics of myself and tryed to motivate myself that way. A year or so back I read 'you can heal your life' or something to that affect and it talked all about this kind of approach I just never adapted it. Not sure why I'm having trouble....just sometimes it seems kind of cheesy but I know there is something to it.

I'm going to the blog greet and meet tonight in Seattle. I prob. only know about 2 bloggers....and don't know them very well but for some reason I feel a need to go and meet these people. I'm nervous though as I always am sometimes with new people. I guess a drink or 2 will be in order to get me talking. ha! I'm sure it will be a fun time. I was dissapointed that my friend, Kim, who was going as my wing man (so to speak) probably can't make it. I was looking forward to seeing her as I have been missing my monthly ladies get togethers (the old high school friends).

I start my interning again full time on Monday. I'm feeling a bit apprehensive for some reason as I know it will be a long summer of working and I have a lot of tests, called competencies to do to prove I can do certain x-rays. It will be challenging. Also, my mom will be helping care for my son so I'll be missing him the days he's up at my mom's (3 hours away) but they will be here from time to time and I get him on the weekends. I hope he is going adjust to the schedule these next 8 weeks. God knows it'll save me a ton on babysitting money.

We went to my parent's cabin the last few days. Only 3 of use went as everyone was busy's a few pic of my son, he's really getting the hang of kayaking.

Also, here' a pic of our toyroom...well someday it will be the living room...and why do we have a tent put up? We got a tent cheap at the REI sale and we have plans to go camping this summer so my hubby and son were anxious to put it up an try it out.

Tell me what you are up to in blogland this summer!?!! I've lost a lot of readers so comment if you stop by. Not like I have much interesting stuff to blog about but I like the interaction of all you bloggers! Have a great weekend!


Sizzle said...

It'll be fun to meet you tonight!


Flo said...

Have fun tonight!! It's fun meeting other bloggers.

Angel, you should read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. You should also download the 10 Oprah classes that go with it. It's very enlightening and I think helps explain a lot of what you're going through.

I know when I was starting to lose weight I couldn't seem to do the things other people could, positive self talk, etc. It took me a long time to come to it and to realize what I was doing to hold myself back. We do these things and don't even know it. Anyway, if you keep searching and trying to find the answers you will eventually find the one thing that resonates within you. Once I 'got' it, I realized everything else had been saying the same thing it just didn't hit me

Good luck and keep searching, you will find the answers.

Iron Fist said...

For "only knowing 2 bloggers" I thought you did pretty well. It was nice to meet you!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I know I have been a very very slack blogger Patti but I will try and be better...
Love the tent in the room... we did that cept it took up the whole lounge..(only a small lounge) we love camping but didnt get out last summer at all..
we are in the midst of winter at the moment.. it is raining and miserable ... I am off work with a bad lower back.. have to wait and see what the xrays say (want to take a look for me?) and the blood results...
To say I am over it all is an understatment... The meds are spacing me out and I just want to be me again...
ok.. sook over.. better catch up in the rest of your blog...