Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back from the dead!!

I haven't blogged in ages and sure no one is around anymore on my blog but I did find a few of you on facebook or you found me! I couldn't even remember my password to log onto blogger but I finally figured it out.
I lost my interest in blogging for a while. Think I hit the depression this winter and haven't been working in xray either! Been being a mommy and wife and not too much else. I think I gave up when I couldn't find a job within the first few months. I am ready to start looking again though there seems to be nothing out there. I may have forgotten how to xray too. I may go and observe one of my friends to get the feel of it again and of course I will study my books to remind myself of everything.
It's been a helluva year and not a great one for me but I think things will turn around here soon. I'm trying to be positive.
I had a pretty good summer hanging out with my son and family and went to eastern washington a lot to Lake Chelan and Winthrop as I have access to a cabin there. And this weekend we got back from my dad's cabin which isn't too far from where I live so I got a chance to go out on the lake and did some kayaking. Anyway, I'm not dead and still kicking and will try to find out if some of you are still blogging.
I'm looking forward to the kid back in school this week! Yes, some alone time! Take care everyone.


Chris H said...

Hi chick, nice to see you back from the dark side. Sorry the job situation sucks... maybe with time you will find one.

*Christie* said...

I'm still here Patty! :) Welcome back! Stay positive babe, things will turn out I know it!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hi Patty!! Good to see you back in the wonderful world of blogging!!!
I am a slacker too as in Blogging.. FB has taken over for me..
Sorry to hear you havent been able to find the right job but being a stay at home mum would be good too!

Apple2Hourglass said...

I spend more time on FB than on blogs, probably haven't read any blogs for well over a year. I'm trying to catch up today though.