Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hiking by the falls

We went to see some friends yesterday and then out for some hiking at Snoqualmie Falls. I actually wanted to do another hike called twin falls that is a lot longer but my son wanted to see the 'big falls'. Here's some pictures of the area.

It really is an amazing place. The falls are larger than I remember as must be all that mountain snow melting at this time of year. It is only a 1/2 mile or a mile hike to the bottom but it is pretty steep so we were sweating a bit on the way back up. Well, at least my son and I were. It was a warm day here too. Why did the heck did I wear black? We have been having awesome weather and it's unusual this early in the year but it will be turning to rain this week, bummer.

We also went to visit a friend and here is their australian dog. Part dingo and part something else? Cute, isn't it? She is a really friendly dog and she likes to retrieve balls and frisbees and she is so fast! My son wants a dog bad but we are still thinking about it as I know who will take care of!

I'm anxious about whether I will get into the radiology school and will find out Monday, hopefully! The supposedly sent out letters on Friday. Other than that not much happening but may go down by the ocean today. It's about a 1/2 hour away from us. What I really like about Washington is that you go one way, it's the ocean. You go the other way, it's the mountains and hiking. Not a bad place to live when the weather is good.

Have a great week!


Chris H said...

Firstly - oh my fingers a sooo crossed for you getting into Radiology School.
second - awesome falls ! Reminds me of our Huka Falls.. awesome.
third - ya wore black cos that's what you feel most comfortable in! Won't it be neat when we can wear any colour with confidence! Your wee boy looks gorgeous. Have a fantastic day! I hope you get the best letter ever!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Good luck for radiology school.. I will cross my fingers for you too...
Love the photos...
and as for the Aussie dog.. He looks like a blue heeler cross...
top dog hey!

Living to Feel Good said...

Good luck!

LOVe LOVE LOVE the photos today. I wish I could go hiking there. Just seeing those pictures gets me excited for our trip to Yosemite!

celtic_girl said...

Good luck with being accepted in Radiology, the dog looks like a Blue Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler like Wanna said. Very loyal dogs and protective dogs

Anonymous said...

hey there,

fantastic pics, you're so lucky to have such beautiful areas to hike and visit.

don't stress about your weight, it'll come off, just keep up the exercise, as long as you're doing that the food will follow when you're ready.

as for your mum feeding you, my family are the same. it's a definate thing for my family. my grandmother - God bless her was a big one on eating. she was a polish woman in a concentration camp in WWII so NOONE went without food in our house. you got what you wanted when you wanted it and if it was steak for breakfast or an entire pack of pastries etc then that's what you got. not that i mind, i still like to celebrate and commisserate with food, its a connection to her - i miss them alot.

i'm just trying to stay focussed on the exercise, back to daily tmw now that we FINALLY have our own space, it's so much better. it's only small but it's only 7 mths til we move into our own place.

ok, better go, this is way too long!

take care

White Rose Boy said...

What a lovely part of the world the waterfall looks awesome.

Anonymous said...
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TrixieBelden said...

The falls look beautiful!

Good luck with school! Any word yet?