Thursday, June 28, 2007

The insanity of weight loss

A while back after I wrote that recent post about dieting and to 'not keep doing what I always did' and about the things I learned along this bumpy road to a healthy weight, I got a troll that visited. It is a nasty fellow (I believe) that trolls some blogs I visit and makes nasty comments to those of us trying to lose the lard! Anyway, since I have visited their sites, I start to get the troll visiting my site and I see on others too. It doesn't bother me that much as I just delete them. I don't need the negative energy as it doesn't help me and I'm all about the positive side of things. I think it is sad when people deliberately try and hurt people due to their size. They must not have much of a life if they have time to go out and just blog negative things on people's wt loss blogs? Crazy! But...that being said I thought I would share part of the comment as it is my topic for the day.

The quote was something like "the definition of insanity is to keep doing the things you've always done and expect a different result. Just quit eating, fattie." Or something to that effect. So in rebuttal to this I say, as I said before that each time we lose weight or rebound up in weight we learn something about ourselves. And, each time we lose, we get a little closer to our goal weight. Yeah, sometimes it seems like the impossible goal when you have a lot to lose. But, each week we do get closer to the goal. So, I really disagree with that statement as we try things a little different each time. We eat more or we eat less or we exercise more or try different foods or try to change our habits for good. We read books to learn about how the mind works and how it can be beneficial to losing weight or detrimental if we doubt ourselves or are too hard on ourselves. I really believe in the quote 'change your mind, and your body will follow'.

As for the second part, 'just quit eating'. Ah, if that were only possible. Like a drug addict or alcoholic that can just stop cold turkey and try to quell their demons, stopping eating is not an option. Should we live on 500 calories of lettuce and carrots to lose? Of course not! We would eventually wreck our metabolism and if we didn't eat we would damage our organs and eventually die. So, the troll quoted doesn't really have a clue.

Anyway, in other news, I am walking every day and plan to swim tomorrow. My back is just not getting better and is especially stiff in the morning. And you know when you turn to get out of your car, I feel like someone stabbed a knife in my back. My hubby says it's the sacrum part of your body or maybe it's the lumbar vertebrae or muscles attaching to it. So, I'm trying the Ibuprofen and just trying to stretch a bit. Maybe I should not do any activity at all but walking doesn't hurt if I do it later in the day. So, I will continue to take it slower but I'm getting a bit antsy to get better and continue on with my training. The darn race is 8/19!! But, I still have time. I need to jog some more and be able to run 3 miles which I can't yet but I will get there when I feel better.

Thanks for the advice on eating out. I have been limiting going out to eat as I seem to get swayed sometimes by what others are having and change my order as I don't want to feel deprived. But, I can't just eat anything, I'm trying to drop this fat! I can't order a pizza or share one as I can't stop at 1 piece. The portion control is another hard one to conquer. Especially if I am at a mexican restaurant and they have those huge portions. I have never done the 'cut 1/2 of the order and put it in a box' but sounds like a good idea though I have never done that but have heard it recommended at wt watchers when I used to go. But, in general, if I stick to the places with lo cal options, I tend to choose those items. I read in one of my books that people who lose and maintain their weight loss have a tendency to eat the same few breakfasts and lunches and change up their dinner. They said it is because it is best to limit your choices and it's easier to stay on track. I guess I agree with that analogy cause if I am at a place that has a huge array of choices, I don't always make the good choices.

And lastly, any of you get back pain occasionally? What do you do about it? I rarely get it but when I strain my back every few years it takes a while to go away. Maybe I need to stretch more. I know I need to lift with my legs instead of the way I hurt it as I was just lifting my bike with my arms. Maybe I need to strengthen my tummy muscles though I do tummy exercises but maybe not enough.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Christine said...

I upped the security on my blog so that comments have to be emailed to me prior to them being posted. Trolls aren't getting any airtime in my life. Their comments won't even get read. Hopefully your back feels better soon - I injured my back at work and was off for a long time several years ago. Alot of muscles that need alot of time to heal. Take care.

Living to Feel Good said...

I never understand why people get kicks to doing that. I figure they are teenagers thinking they are funny, or very lonely people who are upset with their own lives, and feel better when they put others down. Sorry you ran into a troll.

Do you have cable? If so do you get the exercise ondemand channel? If so, they have a lot of good exercises on there. I try to do a different ab workout everyday on there.

Back pain..I actually do get it, but I don't know what you are suppose to do about it. I lay on my heat pad every night. Don't know if that is something I am suppose to be doing, but I know I enjoy it.

( . )( . ) said...

Hey hun,

Tell the troll to just shove it up his arse. Losers with nothing better to do. Ahhh... how bout get a job AND A LIFE.

On to other things though, I do get back pain on the occasion but that is because I have humungajunga boobies. I used to see a chiropractor and now I dont. He fixed some problems but was just costing too much. Now, as soon as I get any back pain I take some anti inflammatorys and have a lie down. It helps.

Go to the docs and get an xray, mine found heaps of problems with my back, im just to lazy to fix them. Silly I know, but I tried chiro and it just wasnt working.

Sending my love and hope you feel better soon xxx

celtic_girl said...

First of all - WOOHOOO on the loss there - you go girl!

I also do not understand people who get their kicks out of bagging other people, they must have issues of there own is all I can say.

With your back, I also suffer with my sacro-ileac joints (sacrum)I find doing weights and walking actually help mine.Stretching is good, also try some massage and heat packs.

Terri said...

"Don't feed the trolls"

We live in a world that has a variety of people and unfortunately we live among people that gets off on hurting others feelings. They either feel bad about them selves, it makes them feel superior to manipulate, or they don't have a soul!

Best yet it is better to starve a troll.

Amanda said...

change your mind and the body will follow... how very true angelfish. Sorry I cant help you with the back pain... I don't suffer from that, *knock on wood*, make sure you take good care of yourself. HUGS Amanda :)

Spidey said...

Massage and muscle cream are great, but getting someone to do the massage is the hard part. My spouse works hard and is tired, plus I have a big fat back which really takes a lot of work to get past the flab. Another downside to being overweight.

Keep up the inspirational messages and the positive attitude. The negative trolls are just picking on the fat people in the way they do in the real world (but behind our backs).

Anonymous said...

As someone who is IN a 12-Step program and has heard that definition of insanity a million times, I am here to tell the anonymous asshat that the phrase is not meant to tell a fattie to quit eating, FFS. It should be used as a tool to stop doing the bad emotional stuff we do over and over again that causes us to eat, drink, do drugs or whatever. If that person truly had any divine wisdom, he would know this already.

I'm always shocked by trolls as well. I imagine their miserable little lives behind a computer all day girl, no sex, nada!

Anonymous said...

I don't put half in a box right away, however I do cut my meal in half and slide what I'm not going to eat to one side of the plate. It still may be hard to look at the remainder and not eat it though...


"The Captain" said...

Good job on the weight loss. It seems like everyone is really focussed right now.

S William said...

Foudn your sight via another weight loss blog. Grats on the 37 pounds and keep up the great work :)