Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weigh in... and what do you do about eating out?

Wakka Wakka

For my weigh in today, I am down a pound!! A little wooooohooooo! I expected a smaller loss due to the big loss I had last week. Oh well. I was looking through my old weigh in records which I started in May of 2006 when I first stared wt watchers. I would see a trend of losing for 3 weeks and then a slight gain, maintain or slight loss on the 4th week a week before the t.o.m. (ya know what I mean girls!). So I am happy as this is that challenging week......So I'd like to say goodbye to the 210's and beyond forever!! Can't wait till I can say that to the 200's!

I haven't deviated from what was working before. Lots of exercise, eating right and the like. I did slow down the last few days and doing mostly walking and did a shorter bike ride yesterday due to my back muscles hurting. I hope to resume more intesity in my workouts again sometime later this week along with some weight lifting and maybe yoga. I don't want to stop my activity cold turkey as I don't want to fall into a rut. I want to keep this exercise thing going!!!

I have a big challenge coming up. I will be going out of town on Monday next week and prob. not coming home till Sunday. We are going with my mom and sister to eastern Washington to Lake Chelan. It is a small town, resort area with a huge lake. We used to go there every year for holiday and it is lots of fun. It will be different to be there over the 4th of July holiday rather than my home town and mom's house where we usually go. I talked my husband into taking a few days off and so he will meet us there later in the week. I also asked my sister if I could stay at her cabin up in winthrop for the weekend. It is only about another 45 minutes from this Lake and their cabin is lovely. Her hubby had the land for years and years and finally built a cabin a few years ago. They love going there and getting away from it all. The town has the look of an old west town and is cute. I especially like if you go up in the mountains and you can see lots of deer which is cool. Once in a while you'll see one around the cabin. It's cool to get away from the city life and out in the country. I'll search around for a photo of the cabin...I'll find one around here somewhere and post it later.

Anyway, the challenge will be to eat right with all the eating out I will be doing! Especially Monday through Friday when we will be at a hotel. I plan to bring a cooler with a lot of healthy food and snacks inside and maybe bring my bike to ride. How do you all handle eating out? If it is a new area and restaurant I just try to make the best choice possible like having the dressing on the side or ordering salads or fruit or grilled chicken or the like. Like yesterday, after biking a bit, we went to Panera bread restaurant. They have awesome panini sandwiches and other fare but I opted for the vegetable soup and side garden salad. It's not really what I wanted but it was tasty. I was at some calorie site a while back, think it was 'calorieking' and the calories for this restaurants sandwiches was sky high! Like up to 900-1000 calories for some of the sandwiches! I was really surprised by that. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to do the 1/2 sandwich and salad or soup combo sometimes.

Do you often go out to eat? Do you limit your eating because of dieting? I have really been limited going out to eat lately unless I have to. Sometime I'll pick Applebees as they have food choice that are wt watcher items and have the points all figures out. The food isn't too bad but I was disappointed in their low cal salad. Also, sometimes I'll pick Subway sandwiches as I know they have a lot of low cal choices. (For you guys down under in Australia and New Zealand this prob. is like greek to you, right? Or do you have any of these chain restaurants there?)

Hope everyone is having a good week and I hope to get in a swim or walk today. Ok, not hope. I know I will exercise today!!


Christine said...

Congrats on your weigh in!! Good for you. As far as eating out - we don't really go out during the week - mostly the weekend. I am defintely not eating at the places where I used to go (fast food) - and my meals are usually something salad/chicken/lite. I still like going out - but now my mind thinks "Is this a good choice?" - take care!

Marshmallow said...

We do have Subway in Australia and New Zealand, though we don't have Panera Bread or Applebees.

When I eat out, I decide that I'll eat whatever the hell I feel like having. If it happens to be something deep fried and covered and chocolate, then I'll go for it. If it happens to be something lean and green, I'll go for it too. One thing about eating out is that I do not want to feel disappointed by the whole affair; I don't want to be scowling at everyone else who has beautiful food on their plates while I have a lettuce leaf and a slice of onion.

Though the portions are harder. If you're able to get them to pack half to have later (this probably will help you save money too; noth aving to buy lunch during the day)

Whatever you do, have a good time! :-D

Rebecca said...

The cabin soulds like it could be a joy! The lake a calm and peaceful journey. I would enjoy it!!!!!

I'm a pig---can't help with the eating out part- I get whatever I want. Hence, my weight!

Kim said...

Congrats on the loss!!

Living to Feel Good said...

I commented to your question on my blog.

When I eat out I do what you already said, or I just plan to have that be one bad meal, and move on. Since it's a week, do the best you can. It sounds really lovely where you are going, and I hope you post pictures!!

Chris H said...

No matter where you eat out, you can make healthier choices, it is up to you at the end of the day what you order and what you decide to put in your gob! We have subway here in NZ...

TrixieBelden said...

Congrats on your loss and your continued exercising! You are doing great!

When I used to go to Panera's I'd get the greek salad with grilled chicken and ask for the dressing on the side and 1/2 the feta cheese. It was high maintenance, but it made me feel better :)

christie said...

Hi Patty! You're so sweet. If you ever want to start scrapbooking, I'll help any way I can.
Organizing all your photos is the first step, anyway!!
If you do start, the best advice I can give you is don't overwhelm yourself by starting from the oldest photos and feeling like you have to work toward the present day and not skip anything. The best advice I ever got is "scrap what you want to scrap! you will get so much more accomplished." If you took photos last week you just love, scrap those. If you come across an old favorite from 20 years ago that you adore, scrap that. Doing whatever you feel like makes you want to do it more often, you get more done, you have a blast, and you can always change the order of your pages around to make stuff chronological later. Also let go of the idea that you have to scrapbook ALL your photos - you don't - just your favorites!

You are doing great with exercise and eating. I think as long as you keep your food choices on your mind and make them a priority, you will do just fine during your week away. If there's something local to that area that you love to eat, don't withold yourself from having it, it will just cause resentment. Taking your bike is a great idea! I hope you have a wonderful time :)

Half Man said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I eat out almost every week due to being out of town and the wife factor. Anyhow, you need to be careful of the healthy choices restaurants say they have. In fact, they may not be all that healthy. Applebees is good because they give you the nutritional information. I tend to order fish or chicken with veggies. I substiute fries with coleslaw (even though the dressing is fattening, the cabbage and give it some nutritional value). I order the vegetable sides if they are options. If the restaurant serves chips or bread before the meal, send it back. Order half portions if they have it. Otherwise have them bring a take out box when your meal comes out. Put half the meal in the box and close it up. That helps with portion control. If you don't have a fridge at the hotel, just toss the left-overs. There never as good anyhow. Finally, don't beat yourself up if it didn't all work out the way you wanted it to.

Spidey said...

Your one pound is worth ten pounds of pride in getting it done!! I am proud of you, it is great to see you making progress towards your goal. You are a very nice person and you deserve to succeed.