Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm my own worst enemy

You would think exercising 5 to 6 times a week that I'm doing now, the weight would just be falling off but no! When I first upped my exercise, I saw a 2 lb. gain! I know, I know, it may be water weight or from wt lifting, not sure. And last weekend, I wasn't too good on the food when I was at my dad's cabin. My mom is a bit of a food pusher and I have trouble resisting. I need to learn new skills in dealing with her. It's kind of like, 'here's this good, fattening food I made for you, I love you, please eat it or it will make me sad'. I know she's really not saying that but she is continually worrying that everyone get fed and full. Of course, she is just a little thing. Isn't that the way it goes?

What everyone doing out there for exercise this week? I'm doing biking, walking, jogging (a little), swimming and yoga and weights. I think I'm tired! I took up yoga again yesterday and I can feel it a little today. It was a faster yoga than the usual slower paced one. I have this cool teacher, Sunny, and she is new agey but a real sweatheart. Every year in January she goes down to Costa Rica to teach for a month or so and yesterday she was trying to recruit other ladies to come down for a retreat/yoga thing. Rent a house by the beach. Go surfing, do yoga, swim, do one of those rope sliding or whatcha call it where you are like tarzan through the trees!! Oh man, I want to go so bad. But, it isn't meant to be as if I get into this school in the fall it will mean limited breaks like all colleges.

I think what I'm missing is an adventure. Sure vegas sounds fun but it's not an adventure. It is an urban jungle. I want the real jungle. Or a really cool island getaway. My hubby wants to hike and camp the north end of Kauai in Hawaii. It looks awesome so it may be an option some day. I want to go to the Turks and Caicos islands just south of the bahamas. It has awesome beaches and great scuba diving. Just thinking of dream destinations....and of course I'd like Italy, Greece, etc. I don't want much do I?

I'm still having trouble sleeping and am depressed about my friend Dawn. I can't really come to peace that cancer will take her life early. She seems at peace and I will find out when I visit with her. I'm sure she has her down days, who wouldn't when you have limited time on this earth. My uncle is struggling with cancer too and doesn't look to good. I hate cancer. I want a cure. Will they ever find it? I think it's at the dna level and how to turn off that thing that pushes or activates your cancer cells to develop and just take over.

Anyway, anyone have any weekend plans? We may go hiking at this place called Twin Falls or go by Snoqualmie falls http:// You can hike to the bottom of it. They also have that town, that's called Fall City or Snoqualmie where they filmed the tv show "twin peaks". They do have beautiful mountains beyond the city there called Mt. Si. I will take pictures if I go up that way.

Have a wonderful weekend and be healthy.


White Rose Boy said...

It happens a lot with exercise, the weight not coming off like you think. Apparently muscle is heavier than fat, what will be happening is your body will be changing shape.

Myself exercise this week, I'll do a bit of walking, I've a Table Tennis training session Sunday and a game of Golf planned for Wednesday.

Cancer is awful we all know people who have suffered I have a old friend that I should see this week that has only been given a few months to live.

You have some great ideas for vacations but don't forget England especially up north.

The Hike this weekend sounds good fun.

Chris H said...

I gained weight when I upped the exercise too...bugger. As to your question : RPM stands for revolutions per minute, it is a Spin Cycle Class, special bikes that have a flywheel that spins friggin fast when you pedal, and you can adjust the tension to make is harder or easier. I love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Chris H said...

Re: Mongolian Restaurant.... you choose your meat and veges, they cook it right in front of you, the meat is unadulterated, as is the veges etc.... if you don't want them to cook it with oil you just say so.. and they spray it with water instead... this is what I asked for last night... so NO oil, no added suaces.. it could not have been any healthier or lacking in fat... don't know what your friend is talking about! It was really yum! So if you get the chance, do go to one.

Spidey said...

Cancer is the amazing disease that has had hundreds of billions of dollars spent on it over the past hundred years and yet there is no cure. On a radio show called Coast-To-Coast (with Art Bell) there are occasionally guests who claim that the medical industry is suppressing the cure because they make so much money from cancer (treatments, chemo, surgery, medications, x-rays, diagnostic testing, etc.).

I hate to think it is like that, but you have to wonder how so many thousands of great scientists can fail to find any cures after so many decades of research.

In any event, the Serenity Prayer says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things that I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

Whatever you do, enjoy it!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Exercise = sucks
Cancer = sucks
Food = sucks
Weekend = over and sucked...
Sleep = need more..
Take care.. will be back when I am not comatosed from lack of sleep..

Irie_Key said...

I saw your comment on pastgirlsfuture site and saw that you were interested in Mindless Eating. It is a great book! It really helped me understand that to be successful at weight loss I needed to be in the moment when I was eating.