Tuesday, June 05, 2007

topic of the day

(I know U saw this pic before but I thought it was good for today's topic.)
The topic of today is.....what made you start losing weight? Everyone seems to ask this question as some point and some of my reasons are:

I hurt my leg and back in a two separate falls. I took it as a sign that I need to start taking care of my body.

My hubby made comments about my size and he never has before (of course it was when we were going thru a rough patch).

I hate pictures of myself, well still do. I am tired of not being in pictures and memories of our family. Like, I'll see pics of a holiday and I know I was there but I am not in the pictures as I avoided the camera like the plague.

I was very unhappy with the way I looked, still am and finally just decided to do something about it.

I wanted more energy to keep up with my son and now I do finally have that but it could be better with more weight off.
(there are a lot more reasons but I will stop there)

Tell me your reasons!
I have been making lists lately due to the book I'm reading called "the beck diet solution" and the book does get you thinking. Like differenciate between hunger, desire and cravings. I think a lot of overweight people (at least for myself) that we don't really think about if we are really hungry sometimes. Like, it's lunchtime, time to eat! But, are you really hungry or just the thing to do. Or is it because you see some food someone made or brought to work. Also, she talks about how important it is to plan what you are going to eat. Don't spontaneously eat. Make a list of what you will eat for the week and stick to it! That is a big thing when I was at wt watcher. You had to write it all down. And you know what, it really works. You can see where you slip up and you can take steps to correct it.

I think my wt will not be down tomorrow for weigh in. I am having the tom as they say and bloating so that is some of the reason. I might go back to wt watchers on Monday. I liked the progress I was having when I went there. I liked the accountability of the weigh ins. I liked the support from the other members and especially the leader. I need to start writing down what I eat and how many cals or at least how many points on ww. There is no way around it. Doing it on my own and spontaneous eating or maybe you will call it intuitive eating is not working right now. I think I do well on making some healthy choices, but I must be taking in to many calories. I really have been making the right choices but I think I need to work on portion sizes.

Product review - I tried 2 new things these past few weeks. I tried the 100-cal breyers ice cream cups. It was cookies n cream. It was pretty good and it's nice to have it portion controlled like that. I still like the healthy choice fudge ice cream bars a lot more than these though. I also tried those hostess 100 cal snack cakes. You get 3 or them an they are pretty good. They are really sweat though. So, if you have a sweet tooth you may want to give them a try. I know what I really should do, is get rid of any processed stuff and go back to just fruit. I mean it is the season here for strawberries and cherries and peaches! I need to get back to the natural foods only. Something I really need to work on!

No news on my school today. It wasn't in the mail. I hope it is today. Have a great week everyone. I'm still doing my 5 days a week exercise and hope to meet that goal this week.
(P.S. Stressing a bit today as after my friend and I made plans to go to Vegas, my friend Dawn, made her own plans to go to Lake Havasu. Needless to say, my other friend is royally pissed that we will have to make flight changes and a nice added cost to us to change. More to the story but....what can you do. Sometimes, people don't live up to what you except of them and it's sad but I'm not getting upset with my sick friend, can't do it.)


Spidey said...

The big reason was when I was over 400 lbs. and I just started thinking that I only had a few months left to live. That got me going to the gym.

Chris H said...

I started my diet cos: I wanted to die, I could do nothing without a huge effort,I was scared someone would come and take my babies off me cos they would think I couldn't look after them, I was miserable all the time, nothing fitted me, I looked like I was 10 months pregnant - and wasn't, my body and joints hurt all the time, I could hardly fit into normal chairs, seats on planes etc... but the FINAL straw??? I could almost not reach "down there" to take care of my personal hygiene.. that was it! I was NOT GOING THERE!!! Happy with that mate? ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebi that affects women in their early 30's who are overweight. Basically my body produces too much spinal fluid causing tumor like symptoms and other than yearly spinal taps, the best cure is uh...losing weight. So that is when I finally got serious!

Living to Feel Good said...

I wanted to lose weight for my wedding.

Now I want to finish losing weight for my baby. We are going to try to have a kid in a few month -the end of the year. Somewhere around that time. I'd like to create a good enviroment and take in good eating habits (yes I know the bad will be there too) while I am pregnant. I am prepared to blow up though...I am not scared of gaining weight, but I would like to start low. I hope that makes sense.

( . )( . ) said...

I hit the 100kg mark and new it was now or never. I have been doing this for a year and really havent made much progress on the scales but have made progress mentally so im looking on the positive side.

Briony said...

I was sitting on the floor one Christmas and couldn't get up cos I was so fat, it was awful and I was mortally embarrassed. I should try to remember that feeling when I put chocolate in my mouth shouldn't I??