Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weigh in....happy camper today

Ok, not tooting my own horn or anything with the little rocker above (I just thought it was cute!) but my weigh in for today is 210.5 pounds !! That makes a loss of 3.5 pounds!!! Wooohooo!!!! I can't believe it. I never get a really good loss. But these past 2 weeks I have worked out harder than ever before and the eating has fallen into line. I'm psyched to keep it going!!! Maybe I have a chance to get my 10 pds in 10 weeks challenge by July 4.

We were going to go to a pizza (chuck e cheese) playdate today and thankfully, the other mom wants to go to a playground instead. I won't have to be tempted by the pizza. It's not even good pizza it's just pizza in general that I have trouble with. If I take my son later, as he's still wanting to go there later, I will do the salad bar. I have control over what I put into my mouth. I should also try to control what my son eats to some points as he's little chunky.

I watched the 'celebrity fit club' finale that I taped on dvr and I was taping it to watch Ross, do you know him? The one that works for The Jay leno/tonight show. He's funny and he lost 41 pounds on the show and now a total of 50 pounds all together. They also had Maureen (can't remember her last name) who used to play Marcia Brady long ago on the Brady Bunch. She lost a lot of weight too and looked awesome. But, the observation that bummed me out last night was that Ross's starting weight was 214 pounds!!! And he looks like he is not a short man. Do you ever do that? Think of your weight and compare it to a man or to a fricken football player????? Something's not right with me weighing as much as a man. I know, I will get below 200 sometime in a month or so and then I will work my way down the scales.

I was also surprised in the triathalon for a regular sprint one, if you don't race with your age group you can race as a 'fattie'. Of course they call it the 'Athena' class is you are over 150 pounds. Or the 'clydesdale' if you are over a certain weight for men (not sure what the weight is but prob. 200). At first, I was thinking, that's fat phobia!! But I guess I can see if you have an overweight woman and want to race in your age group and don't want to be compared to a thin woman that is prob. faster, you can race in the chubby group. Kind of depressing as 150 is my goal or possible 145 as that is the wt watcher top goal weight for a healthy bmi.

I'm also having major insomnia. I mean I could not get to sleep all night!!! I finally got in 3 hours this morning and thank god my son doesn't get up early. I don't know what is going on, I'm not really stressed or anything. I did work out later than usual though.

I'm going for 5 days exercise this week so I start on Monday with my count and got in 2 workouts so far. I will try for my third today! Ok, gotta get going to that play date. Have a great week!!!


Kim said...

3.5 pounds is freaking amazing!!!!!!!! I am so so so excited for you!!! I've been doing so poorly lately, and this is the kind of news that inspires me to keep trying. :) Great job Patty!!!

Terri said...

3.5 lbs loss aright! High five!

Singing "we gonna make it under 200 we gonna make it! Yep yep!"

I'm proud of you!

Chris H said...

Absolutely fantastic chick!!! I too had a loss this week so know how great you are feeling! wooo hoooo to both of us. I just did the math and I lost the same as you!!

Half Man said...

Way to go. Good job.

Spidey said...

Wow, Patty you are doing great!! 3.5 pounderoos!! That is awesome! You are in first place right now!!

Christine said...

Thats great - so happy for you! Isn't it just great to see it happen!?

Living to Feel Good said...

What an AWESOME loss!! See all your hard work is paying off!! Doesn't it feeeeeeel goooooood!!

High Five!

celtic_girl said...

A great result, congratulations. Wow that's three of us over the 3lb mark, you,me and ChrisH wowsers!!

Amanda said...

3.5 lbs! you go girl! I am sitting here smiling because I am thrilled for you! Good job on working out hard and eating well... it does pay off in the end! HUGS Amanda :) xox