Thursday, November 02, 2006

Had fun on Halloween

We had a fun time taking our son out trick or treating with our friends and their daughter. They got lots of candy and that was prob. cause one guy basically dumped all of his candy in their buckets as he wanted to be done giving out treats. We got a but*load of snickers, want any? I'm having a little trouble staying away from the candy but just trying to limit myself to 2 pieces for 2-3 days. Guess I was feeling a little deprived due to being pretty strict with my diet. Here's some pics of me and my son and him and his girlfriend. They were Anakin Skywalker and a good witch. It was nice to see their parents too as the girls dad has been working on the east coast for like 1 1/2 years or more so it's always nice for them to have him visit. Well, I've been messing around with my points on ww and kind of tried eating high points one day (and exercised a lot on that day) and then low points and take it easy on the exercise. So far seems to be working as the scale seemed to jump up after high day and jump way down after the low day. So, maybe there is something to this wendie plan. I'll see what happens come Monday and hope to have a good weekend. How is everyone doing out there? Staying away from the candy if you have any left? Maybe my son can hide it from me. ha ha. A big thanks to Christie for helping to get my photos posted! I'm having trouble w/ the blogger and have a lot to learn! Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

What a doll!! Great smile kiddo, nothing cuter than a missing tooth :)

angelfish24 said...

Think he is giving his fake smile in that pic with me!

Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. The kiddos are adorable! Mine are older (15 and 16) and only the 15 yr. old went trick or treating this year with a driving friend. So my first year in 16 I didn't go!!!